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The London Missionary Society in Southern Africa : historical essays in celebration of the bicentenary of the LMS in Southern Africa, 1799-1999 edited by John de Gruchy Ohio University Press
A hundred years in Travancore, 1806-1906 : a history and description of the work done by the London Missionary Society in Travancore, South India during the past century compiled by I.H. Hacker H.R. Allenson
Wonders in the western isles : being a narrative of the commencement and progress of mission work in Western Polynesia by A.W. Murray Printed by Yates and Alexander
Genese : tusi hna dane ni Mose - Printed at the London Mission Society's Press
Madagascar : its mission and its martyrs - Printed by W. Stevens, for the London Missionary Society
Ny Dikisionary Malagasy, mizara roa: English sy Malagasy, ary Malagasy sy English : ny faharoa'ny Malagasy sy English D. Johns ; missionary amy ny London Missionary Society Tamy ny Press ny ny London Missionary Sosiety
Sketch of a Mongolian mausoleum : with notices of the Mongolians and their superstitions - London Missionary Society
An authentic copy of the minutes of evidence on the trial of John Smith, a missionary, in Demerara : held at the colony house, in George Town, Demerara, on Monday, the 13th day of October, 1823, and 27 following days; on a charge of exciting the negroes to rebellion. Copied verbatim, from a report as ordered to be printed, by the House of Commons, 22d of March, 1824. With an appendix, including the affidavit of Mrs. Jane Smith, the petition presented to the House of Commons, from the directors of the London Missionary Society, letters of Mr. John Smith, and other interesting documents - In-house reproduction
Journal of a voyage in the missionary ship Duff, to the Pacific Ocean in the years 1796, 7, 8, 9, 1800, 1, 2, &c. : comprehending authentic and circumstantial narratives of the disasters which attended the first effort of the "London Missionary Society. [sic] ... with an appendix, containing interesting circumstances in the life of Captain James Wilson, the commander of the Duff ... by William Smith Published and Collins and Co.