Woodward, John   (1665-1728)


人物別名 John Woodward

Woodward, Dr. (John)

Woodward, J. (John)

Wodward, Monsieur

Wodward, M.

Woodwardus, Johannes
生年 1665年
没年 1728年


タイトル 著作者等 出版元 刊行年月
An essay towards a natural history of the earth John Woodward Arno Press
An attempt towards a natural history of the fossils of England : in a catalogue of the English fossils in the collection of J. Woodward, M.D. : containing a description and historical account of each, with observations and experiments, made in order to discover, as well the origin and nature of them, as their medicinal, mechanical, and other uses ... John Woodward Readex Microprint
An essay toward a natural history of the earth : and terrestrial bodies, especially minerals : as also of the sea, rivers, and springs : with an account of the universal deluge : and of the effects that it had upon the earth John Woodward Readex Microprint
Fossils of all kinds, digested into a method, suitable to their mutual relation and affinity : with the names by which they were known to the antients, and those by which they are at this day known : and notes conducing to the setting forth the natural history, and the main uses, of some of the most considerable of them : as also several papers tending to the further advancement of the knowledge of minerals, of the ores of metalls, and of all other subterraneous productions John Woodward Readex Microprint
The natural history of the earth, illustrated, inlarged, and defended : written originally in Latin : and now first made English by Benj. Holloway, ... to which are added, physical proofs of the existence of God, his actual incessant concurrence to the support of the universe, and of all organical bodyes; vegetables, and animals, particularly man; with several other papers, on different subjects, never before printed John Woodward Readex Microprint