Mallet, Sir Louis   (1823-1890)


人物別名 Sir Louis Mallet

Mallet, Louis
生年 1823年
没年 1890年


タイトル 著作者等 出版元 刊行年月
Le marché local du travail : critique d'un concept et propositions par Louis Mallet Editions du CNRS
The political writings of Richard Cobden with a preface by Lord Welby ; introductions by Sir Louis Mallet and William Cullen Bryant ; notes by F. W. Chesson Kraus Reprint
Cobden's work and opinions by Lord Welby and Sir Louis Mallet Cobden Club
Free exchange : papers on political and economical subjects including chapters on the law of value and unearned increment by Right Honourable Sir Louis Mallet ; edited by Bernard Mallet Kagen Paul, Trench, Trübner
The national income and taxation by Sir Louis Mallet Cassell
Reciprocity : a letter addressed to Mr. Thomas Bayley Potter, M.P., as chairman of the Committee of the Cobden Club by Sir Louis Mallet Printed for the Cobden Club, by Cassell Petter & Galpin
The political writings of Richard Cobden with an introductory essay by Sir Louis Mallet William Ridgway
East India (transports) : return (in completion) to an address of the Honourable the House of Commons, dated 9 August 1873 : -for, "Returns, in continuance of Parliamentary Paper, No. 222, of Session 1874, relating to East India transports for 1873-74, and for 1874-75 (to be presented separately), supplying the information in No. 222, of Session 1874, but omitted from Return No. 413, of Session 1874 ; with an additional table to exhibit the increase in the items making up the cost of crews from £.35,194 in 1867-68 to £.69,270 in 1872-73." Louis Mallet Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed
East India (Tariff Act, 1875) : return to an address of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 22 June 1876 : -for, "copy of the opinions of members of the Council of India on the despatches of the Secretary of State, dated the 31st day of May 1876, and published in the further correspondence recently laid upon the table of the House, relating to the Indian Tariff Act of 1875." Louis Mallet Ordered, by House of Commons, to be printed