Jurisdiction and private international law  1 ~ 2

edited by Patrick J. Borchers

In an increasingly globalized and digitized world, transactions, communications and data flow freely across national borders. When lawsuits arise as a result of those trans-border events, the question of which court or courts have jurisdiction and can provide the appropriate forum becomes critical. This two-volume collection provides a survey of personal jurisdiction across both time and legal systems. It includes articles ranging from the early 20th century to present day and to the problems created by jurisdiction in cyberspace. It also examines the jurisdictional premises of major common law countries and those in the civilian tradition. With an original introduction by the editor, these comprehensive volumes will appeal to scholars and practitioners alike.

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  • Contents: Volume I Acknowledgements Introduction Patrick J. Borchers PART I FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS 1. E. Merrick Dodd, Jr. (1929), 'Jurisdiction in Personal Actions' 2. Geoffery C. Hazard, Jr. (1965), 'A General Theory of State-Court Jurisdiction' 3. Ralph U. Whitten (1980-1981), 'The Constitutional Limitations on State-Court Jurisdiction: A Historical-Interpretative Reexamination of the Full Faith and Credit and Due Process Clauses (Part Two)' 4. Patrick J. Borchers (1990), 'The Death of the Constitutional Law of Personal Jurisdiction: From Pennoyer to Burnham and Back Again' 5. Wendy Collins Perdue (1991) 'Personal Jurisdiction and the Beetle in the Box' 6. Russell J. Weintraub (1994-1995), 'A Map out of the Personal Jurisdiction Labyrinth' 7. Tanya J. Monestier (2007-2008), 'A "Real and Substantial" Mess: The Law of Jurisdiction in Canada' 8. Adrian Briggs (2007), 'Who is Bound by the Brussels Regulation?' PART II THE RELEVANCE OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE FORUM AND THE LIABILITY - CREATING EVENTS 9. Arthur T. von Mehren and Donald T. Trautman (1966), 'Jurisdiction to Adjudicate: A Suggested Analysis' 10. Lea Brilmayer (1980), 'How Contacts Count: Due Process Limitations on State Court Jurisdiction' PART III JURISDICTION OVER PROPERTY 11. Linda J. Silberman (1978), 'Shaffer v Heitner: The End of an Era' PART IV THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOVEREIGNTY AND FAIRNESS 12. Albert A. Ehrenzweig (1956), 'The Transient Rule of Personal Jurisdiction: The "Power" Myth and Forum Conveniens' 13. Martin H. Redish (1981), 'Due Process, Federalism and Personal Jurisdiction: A Theoretical Evaluation' 14. John N. Drobak (1983), 'The Federalism Theme in Personal Jurisdiction' 15. Allan R. Stein (1987), 'Styles of Argument and Interstate Federalism in the Law of Personal Jurisdiction' 16. Adam N. Steinman (2011-2012), 'The Lay of the Land: Examining the Three Opinions in J. McIntyre Machinery, Ltd. v. Nicastro' Volume II Acknowledgements Introduction by editor to both volumes to appear in volume I PART I COMPARISONS BETWEEN JURISDICTIONAL SYSTEMS 1. Henry P. deVries and Andreas F. Lowenfeld (1958-1959), 'Jurisdiction in Personal Actions - A Comparison of Civil Law Views' 2. Hans Smit (1972), 'Common and Civil Law Rules of In Personam Adjudicatory Authority: An Analysis of Underlying Policies' 3. Arthur Taylor von Mehren (1983), 'Adjudicatory Jurisdiction: General Theories Compared and Evaluated' 4. Friedrich K. Juenger (1993), 'American Jurisdiction: A Story of Comparative Neglect' 5. C.G.J. Morse (1994-1995), 'International Shoe v. Brussels And Lugano: Principles and Pitfalls in the Law of Personal Jurisdiction' 6. Anna Gardella and Luca G. Radicati di Brozolo (2003), 'Civil Law, Common Law and Market Integration: The EC Approach to Conflicts of Jurisdiction' 7. Kevin M. Clermont and John R.B. Palmer (2006), 'Exorbitant Jurisdiction' PART II JURISDICTION BASED ON ACTIVITIES IN THE FORUM UNRELATED TO THE LITIGATION 8. Mary Twitchell (1988), 'The Myth of General Jurisdiction' 9. Allan R. Stein (2011-2012), 'The Meaning of "Essentially at Home" in Goodyear Dunlop' PART III SPECIAL PROBLEMS INVOLVING FOREIGN COUNTRY DEFENDANTS 10. Peter Hay (1984), 'Judicial Jurisdiction Over Foreign-Country Corporate Defendants - Comments on Recent Case Law' 11. Peter Hay (1990), 'Transient Jurisdiction, Especially over International Defendants: Critical Comments on Burnham v. Superior Court of California' 12. Friedrich K. Juenger (1995), 'A Shoe Unfit for Globetrotting' 13. Andrew L. Strauss (1997-1998), 'Where America Ends and the International Order Begins: Interpreting the Jurisdictional Reach of the U.S. Constitution in Light of a Proposed Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Satisfaction of Judgments' 14. Charles W. "Rocky" Rhodes (2012), 'Nineteenth Century Personal Jurisdiction Doctrine in a Twenty-First Century World' PART IV JURISDICITION IN CYBERSPACE [140 pp] 15. Richard Garnett (2003), 'Dow Jones and Company Inc v. Gutnick: An Adequate Response to Transnational Internet Defamation?' 16. Patrick J. Borchers (2004), 'Internet Libel: The Consequences of a Non-Rule Approach to Personal Jurisdiction' 17. Carina Neumueller (2006), 'Are We "There" Yet? An Analysis of Canadian and European Adjudicatory Jurisdiction Principles in the Context of Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection and Policy Issues' 18. Danielle Keats Citron (2006), 'Minimum Contacts in a Borderless World: Voice over Internet Protocol and the Coming Implosion of Personal Jurisdiction Theory' PART V PARTY AUTONOMY 19. Linda S. Mullenix (1992), 'Another Easy Case, Some More Bad Law: Carvinal Cruise Lines and Contractual Personal Jurisdiction Theory' 20. Michael E. Solimine (1992), 'Forum-Selection Clauses and the Privitization of Procedure' 21. Otto Sandrock (2009), 'The Choice Between Forum Selection, Mediation and Arbitration Clauses: European Perspectives' 22. Adrian Briggs (2010), 'What Should be Done About Jurisdiction Agreements?'

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書名 Jurisdiction and private international law
著作者等 Borchers, Patrick J.
シリーズ名 An Elgar research collection
Private international law
巻冊次 1
出版元 Edward Elgar
刊行年月 c2014
ページ数 2 v.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9781782544265
NCID BB15375223
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス