A reference grammar of Romanian  v. 1

edited by Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Ion Giurgea

Based on recent research in formal linguistics, this volume provides a thorough description of the whole system of Romanian Noun Phrases, understood in an extended sense, that is, in addition to nouns, pronouns and determiners, it examines all the adnominal phrases: genitive-marked DPs, adjectives, relative clauses, appositions, prepositional phrases, complement clauses and non-finite modifiers. The book focuses on syntax and the syntax-semantics interface but also includes a systematic morphological description of the language. The implicitly comparative description of Romanian contained in the book can serve as a starting point for the study of the syntax/semantics of Noun Phrases in other languages, regardless of whether or not they are typologically related to Romanian. This book will be of special interest to linguists working on Romanian, Romance languages, comparative linguistics and language typology, especially because Romanian is relevant for comparative linguistics not only as a Romance language, but also as part of the so-called Balkan Sprachbund.

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  • 1. List of contributors, pxix-xx
  • 2. Abbreviations used in glosses, pxxi-xxii
  • 3. Preface, pxxiii-xxvi
  • 4. Chapter 1. Introduction: Nominal features and nominal projections (by Dobrovie-Sorin, Carmen), p1-48
  • 5. Chapter 2. Bare nouns (by Dobrovie-Sorin, Carmen), p49-96
  • 6. Chapter 3. The syntax of determiners and other functional categories (by Giurgea, Ion), p97-174
  • 7. Chapter 4. The semantics of determiners (by Farkas, Donka F.), p175-230
  • 8. Chapter 5. Pronouns (by Reinheimer Ripeanu, Sanda), p231-308
  • 9. Chapter 6. Genitive DPs and pronominal possessors (by Dobrovie-Sorin, Carmen), p309-354
  • 10. Chapter 7. The adjective (by Cornilescu, Alexandra), p355-530
  • 11. Chapter 8. Adnominal prepositional phrases (by Mardale, Alexandru), p531-564
  • 12. Chapter 9. Adnominal non-finite constituents and complement clauses (by Soare, Elena), p565-596
  • 13. Chapter 10. Relative Clause Constructions and unbounded dependencies (by Grosu, Alexander), p597-662
  • 14. Chapter 11. Deverbal nouns (by Cornilescu, Alexandra), p663-718
  • 15. Chapter 12. Proper names (by Miron-Fulea, Mihaela), p719-746
  • 16. Chapter 13. Classifier and qualitative binominal constructions (by Tanase-Dogaru, Mihaela), p747-774
  • 17. Chapter 14. Appositions and juxtaposed nouns (by Braescu, Raluca), p775-800
  • 18. Chapter 15. Vocatives (by Croitor, Blanca), p801-826
  • 19. Chapter 16. Nominal inflection (by Giurgea, Ion), p827-856
  • 20. Bibliography, p857-892
  • 21. Index, p893-900

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書名 A reference grammar of Romanian
著作者等 Dobrovie-Sorin, Carmen
Giurgea, Ion
シリーズ名 Linguistik aktuell
巻冊次 v. 1
出版元 John Benjamins
刊行年月 c2013
ページ数 xxviii, 900 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9789027255907
NCID BB14488392
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ