Paul Broca and the origins of language in the brain

Leonard L. LaPointe

Pierre Paul Broca was a child prodigy. He fulfilled his promise by becoming a brilliant neurologist, surgeon, and anthropologist. Perhaps his most lasting contribution to neuroscience was his proposal that the third frontal convolution of the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain is the seat of that most human attribute, the production of articulate speech and language. This notion was advanced by detailing the autopsy findings, with quite evident and circumscribed lesions, in the brains of his two now famous cases, Leborgne (known as "Tan," for that is all he could say) and Lelong. Broca's presentations were milestones in the history of the neuroscience of language and the brain, but they were only more defined echoes of ideas that had preceded him. Undergraduate and graduate students as well as practicing professionals and clinicians in psychology, neurolinguistics, cognitive psychology, communication science and disorders, neurology, neurosurgery, neuropsychiatry, nursing and health-related professions, and philosophy of science will be interested in this book. It is different from others like it in that it presents aspects of the personal lives of these French brains who sparked the notion of a place in the brain for human language. It embraces a more empathic and humanistic approach to understanding people and their disorders as well as to what may drive the process of science and patients as "specimens."

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  • Contents Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1. Precis Chapter 2. Early Times: Deep Sulci of History Descartes: Reason and the Scientific Method Chapter 3. Phrenology and Serendipitous Bumps Franz Joseph Gall Time Line of Phrenology Phrenology's Principles Faculties and Head Bumps Terms Used to Differentiate the Sizes of Organs According to George Combe (1853) Spurzheim's Tour Flourens Sex and Amativeness The American Tour The Combe Brothers Chapter 4. Relics of Aphasia: The Artifacts of Lost Words Liepmann and Apraxia Time for Lichtheim Strange Words Recalled in Literature Larrey: An Unlikely Aphasiologist Lordat: Alalia and Early Accounts of Aphasia Bateman, Leeches, and Other Novel Descriptions of Aphasia Chapter 5. Turmoil, Revolt, and Enlightenment: Historical Context for Advances in Brain Science A Wondrous and Dreadful Machine Dr. Guillotin: Severer of French Heads A Look of Astonishment French Turbulence: Kings and Revolutions Napoleon and the 19th Century Chapter 6. Cortical Localization of Function Jean-Baptiste Bouillaud: The Anterior Lobes Bouillaud's Alleged Folly Simon Alexandre Ernest Aubertin and the Catalytic Spatula Case Gratiolet: Adversary of Aubertin and Broca British Expansions on Cortical Localization of Function Stendhal's Shrunken Testicles and Transient Aphasia Finger and the Debates 1861: A Year Laden with Historical Episodes Prodigious Debates: The Brain and Its Doings Broca Listens Chapter 7. Broca's Nascent Years The Caves The Brocas and Huguenot Persecution Broca's Village Broca's Historians Broca's Lineage Happy Birthday to Paul Samuel-Jean Pozzi, Eulogist, Biographer, and Rake Paul Prodigy Broca Leaves Home A Carriage Ride and a Thinker Savants Move to Paris: Again, the Brain and Art Chapter 8. Medical Student and Developing Dissident On the Rues Where He Lived Carl Sagan History Clinical Education Fetid Tonsils and Insurrection Chapter 9. A Massive Thesis and Graduation Culmination of Medical Studies Finally and Efficiently, A Doctor Freethinkers Society Life in Paris Paris Makeover Wife in Paris Art, Violin, and Iodine Mme. Augustine Broca Chapter 10. Landmark Cases: M. Leborgne and M. Lelong The Legendary French Brains Leborgne Conclusions After Examining "Tan" Leborgne's Brain Lelong Pictures at an Exhibition Broca on Language, Articulated Speech, and Aphemia Precedence and the Pair a Dax Much Earlier Precedence on Hemispheric Specialization and Localization Chapter 11. Broca's Auxiliary Contributions Priority and Precedence with a Modicum of Appreciation Limbic System Cancer Broca and Handedness Anthropology The French Anthropology Society: A Venue for Pioneering Presentations and Debate School of Anthropology Cornflowers and Hybrids Genetic Interruption Anthropometry and Cephalametrics Controversy and Racism The Full Moon, Interpretation, and Refutability Neuroimaging and Broca's Thermometric Crown Trepanation and Surgery The French Senate Chapter 12. Broca's Legacy Broca's Death Eulogies and Biographies Appendix A. Green Translation of Broca's 1861 Paper on the Faculty of Articulated Language Appendix B. Broca Time Line (2012) Appendix C. Editorial - Broca's Brain: Brother, Wherefore Art Thou? Appendix D. Permission to Access the Collections of the Musee de l'Homme, Paris References Index

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書名 Paul Broca and the origins of language in the brain
著作者等 LaPointe, Leonard L.
出版元 Plural Pub.
刊行年月 c2013
版表示 1st ed
ページ数 xiii, 358 p., [16] p. of plates.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9781597564786
NCID BB13673796
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国