Neurobiology of psychiatric disorders

volume editors, Thomas E. Schlaepfer and Charles B. Nemeroff

This new volume in the "Handbook of Clinical Neurology" presents a comprehensive review of the fundamental science and clinical treatment of psychiatric disorders. Advances in neuroscience have allowed for dramatic advances in the understanding of psychiatric disorders and treatment. Brain disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia, are the leading cause of disability worldwide. It is estimated that over 25 per cent of the adult population in North America are diagnosed yearly with at least one mental disorder and similar results hold for Europe. Now that neurology and psychiatry agree that all mental disorders are in fact, "brain diseases," this volume provides a foundational introduction to the science defining these disorders and details best practices for psychiatric treatment. This title: provides a comprehensive review of the scientific foundations of psychiatric disorders and psychiatric treatment; includes detailed results from genetics, molecular biology, brain imaging, and neuropathological, immunological, epidemiological, metabolic, therapeutic and historical aspects of the major psychiatric disorders; is a "must have" reference and resource for neuroscientists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists as well as all research scientists investigating disorders of the brain.

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  • 1. Psychiatry and neuroscience history (M.M. Weber, G.E. Berrios and E.J. Engstrom, Munich, Germany, Cambridge, UK and Berlin, Germany). 2. Receptor signaling and the cell biology of synaptic transmission (J-Z. Yu and M. M. Rasenick, Chicago, USA). 3. Human genetics of schizophrenia (S. Claes, Y-L. Tang, C.F. Gillespie and J.F. Cubells, Leuven, Belgium and Atlanta, USA). 4. Neurological and psychiatric aspects of emotion (S.E. Sarkstein and D. Tranel, Perth, Australia and Iowa City, USA). 5. Research methods: cognitive neuropsychological methods (L. Clark, O. Boxer, B.J. Sahakian and R.M. Bilder, Cambridge, UK and Los Angeles, USA). 6. Structural imaging in psychiatric disorders (K.R. Rama Krishnan, Durham, USA). 7. Human functional neuroimaging (C. Kilts and T.D. Ely, Little Rock and Atlanta, USA). 8. Neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in depression (A-M. Bao, H.G. Ruhe, S-F. Gao and D.F. Swaab, Hangzhou, China and Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 9. Animal models of psychiatric disorders (G.F. Koob and A. Zimmer, La Jolla, USA and Bonn, Germany). 10. Psychiatric epidemiology (S.H. Juul and C.B. Nemeroff, Atlanta and Miami, USA). 11. Emerging methods in the molecular biology of neuropsychiatric disorders (E.B. Binder and K.J. Ressler, Atlanta, USA and Munich, Germany). 12. Clinical psychoneuroimmunology (M.R. Irwin and M. Rothermundt, Los Angeles, USA and Muenster, Germany). 13. Psychiatric rating scales (D. Maust, M. Cristancho, L. Gray, S. Rushing, C. Tjoa and M.E. Thase, Philadelphia, USA). 14. Unipolar depression (C.M. Pariante and C.B. Nemeroff, London, UK and Atlanta, USA). 15. Bipolar disorder (D.J. Smith, E.A. Whitham and S.N. Ghaemi, Cardiff, UK and Boston, USA). 16. The neurobiology and treatment of late-life depression (U. Hegerl, P. Holtzheimer, R. Mergl and W. McDonald, Leipzig, Germany and Atlanta, USA). 17. Seasonal affective disorder (K.V. Danilenko and R.D. Levitan, Novosibirsk, Russia and Toronto, Canada). 18. Biological and clinical framework for post-traumatic stress disorder (E. Vermetten and R.A. Lanius, Utrecht, the Netherlands and Ontario, Canada). 19. Generalised anxiety disorder (R.B. Hidalgo and D.V. Sheehan, Tampa, USA). 20. Panic disorder (L.J. Hoppe, J. Ipser, J.M. Gorman and D.J. Stein, Cape Town, South Africa and White Plains, USA). 21. Obsessive compulsive disorder (J. Zohar, B. Greenberg and D. Denys, Tel Hashomer, Israel
  • Providence, USA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands). 22. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (J.B. Schweitzer, C. Fassbender, L. Lit, G. Reeves and S.P. Henderson Powell, Sacramento, Baltimore and Catonsville, USA). 23. Autism and related disorders (J. McPartland and F.R. Volkmar, New Haven, USA). 24. Substance abuse disorders (A.G. Reid, A.R. Lingford-Hughes, L. Cancela and P.W. Kalivas, London, UK
  • Cordoba, Argentina and Charleston, USA). 25. Cognitive impairment in schizophrenia: profile, course and neurobiological determinants (P.D. Harvey, Atlanta, USA). 26. Eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia nervosa (B. Herpetz-Dahlmann, K. Holtkamp and K. Konrad, Aachen and Bad Neuenahr, Germany). 27. Personality disorders (M. Bohus, G.O. Gabbard, C. Schmahl, L.J. Siever and E.G. Iskander, Mannheim, Germany and Houston and New York, USA). 28. Psychiatric, non motor aspects of Parkinson's disease (T. Muller, M. Gerlach, M.B.H. Youdim and P. Riederer, Bochum and Wurzburg, Germany and Haifa, Israel). 29. Stroke (R.G. Robinson and G. Spalletta, Iowa City, USA and Rome, Italy). 30. Huntingdon's disease (R.M. Bonelli and M.F. Beal, Vienna, Austria and New York, USA). 31. Sleep disorders (U. Voderholzer and C. Guilleminault, Freiburg, Germany and Stanford, USA). 32. Depression and cardiovascular disorders (S. Roose and M. Deuschle, New York, USA and Mannheim, Germany). 33. Psychiatric disorders among cancer patients (A. Ciaramella and D. Spiegel, Pisa, Italy and Stanford, USA). 34. Chronic fatigue syndrome (U.M. Nater, C.M. Heim and C. Raison, Atlanta, USA). 35. Neurocognitive deficits in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection (R. Reverte, J. Blanch, J. Munoz and J.L. Ayuso-Mateos, Barcelona, Badalona and Madrid, Spain). 36. Gastrointestinal disorders (E.A. Mayer and S. Brunnhuber, Los Angeles, USA and Salzburg, Austria). 37. Role of psychotherapy in the management of psychiatric diseases (E. Schramm, M. Gerardi, B. Rothbaum and M. Berger, Freiburg, Germany and Atlanta, USA). 38. Pharmacology and neuroimaging of antidepressant action (B.W. Dunlop, Y. Lecrubier and P. Fossati, Atlanta, USA and Paris, France). 39. Antipsychotic drugs (N.S. Hudepohl and H.A. Nasrallah, Cincinnati, USA). 40. Anxiolytics (L.I. Sinclair and D.J. Nutt, Bristol and London, UK). 41. Brain stimulation therapies for neuropsychiatric disease (P.E. Holtzheimer III. M. Kosel and T. Schlaepfer, Atlanta, USA and Bonn, Germany). 42. Chronotherapeutics, light and wake therapy) as a class of interventions for affective disorders (A. Wirz-Justice and M. Terman, Basel, Switzerland and New York, USA). 43. Pharmacogenetics of antidepressants and mood stabilisers (A. Serretti, S. Gibiino and P. Olgiati, Bologna, Italy)

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書名 Neurobiology of psychiatric disorders
著作者等 Nemeroff, Charles B.
Schlaepfer, Thomas E.
Boller, Francois
Swaab, Dick. F.
Aminoff, Michael J.
シリーズ名 Handbook of clinical neurology
出版元 Elsevier
刊行年月 2012
版表示 3
ページ数 xix, 760 p.
大きさ 27 cm
ISBN 9780444520029
NCID BB09713966
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス