Impersonal constructions : a cross-linguistic perspective

edited by Andrej Malchukov, Anna Siewierska

This volume offers a much needed typological perspective on impersonal constructions which are here viewed broadly as constructions lacking a referential subject. The contributions to this volume deal with all types of impersonality, namely constructions featuring nonagentive subjects, including those with experiential predicates (A-impersonals), presentational constructions with a notional subject deficient in topicality (T-impersonals), and constructions with a notional subject lacking in referential properties ( R-impersonals), i.e. both meteo-constructions and man-constructions. The typological discussion benefits from a good coverage of impersonality in European languages but also includes considerations of several African, American, South-East Asian, Australian and Oceanic languages. The variation in the cross-linguistic realization of impersonality and the diachronic pathways leading to and from impersonality documented in this volume point to a novel perspective on impersonals as transitional structures or an intermediate stage of a more basic diachronic change be it from transitive to intransitive, or from active to passive, or participant-to event-centered construction.

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  • 1. List of contributors, pvii-x
  • 2. Introduction (by Malchukov, Andrej), p1-16
  • 3. Part I. Impersonal constructions: Typological and theoretical aspects
  • 4. Towards a typology of impersonal constructions: A semantic map approach (by Malchukov, Andrej), p17-54
  • 5. Overlap and complementarity in reference impersonals: Man-constructions vs. third person plural-impersonals in the languages of Europe (by Siewierska, Anna), p57-90
  • 6. Verbs of motion: Impersonal passivization between unaccusativity and unergativity (by Abraham, Werner), p91-126
  • 7. On the distribution of subject properties in formulaic presentationals of Germanic and Romance: A diachronic-typological approach (by Gast, Volker), p127-166
  • 8. Part II. Impersonal constructions: Diachronic studies
  • 9. Impersonal constructions and accusative subjects in Late Latin (by Cennamo, Michela), p167-188
  • 10. From passive to impersonal: A case study from Italian and its implications (by Giacalone Ramat, Anna), p189-228
  • 11. Passive to anticausative through impersonalization: The case of Vedic and Indo-European (by Kulikov, Leonid), p229-254
  • 12. Part III. Cross-linguistic variation in Impersonal constructions: Case studies
  • 13. The Maa (Eastern Nilotic) Impersonal construction (by Payne, Doris L.), p255-284
  • 14. Impersonal constructions in Joola-Banjal (by Bassene, Alain Christian), p285-306
  • 15. Impersonal configurations and theticity: The case of meteorological predications in Afroasiatic (by Mettouchi, Amina), p307-322
  • 16. Revisiting impersonal constructions in Modern Hebrew: Discourse-based perspectives (by Berman, Ruth A.), p323-356
  • 17. The elephant in the room: The impersonal -ne/-te construction in Polish (by Kibort, Anna), p357-394
  • 18. Meteorological verbs in Uralic languages - are there any impersonal structures to be found (by Salo, Merja), p395-438
  • 19. Impersonal constructions in Ket (by Vajda, Edward J.), p439-458
  • 20. Impersonal verbs in Central Alaskan Yupik (Eskimoan) (by Miyaoka, Osahito), p459-488
  • 21. Impersonals in Innu (by Drapeau, Lynn), p489-516
  • 22. A diachronic study of the impersonal passive in Ainu (by Bugaeva, Anna), p517-546
  • 23. Referential impersonal constructions in Mandarin (by Yan, Yi), p547-580
  • 24. Impersonal constructions in some Oceanic languages (by Moyse-Faurie, Claire), p581-606
  • 25. Impersonal constructions in Umpithamu and the Lamalamic languages (by Verstraete, Jean-Christophe), p607-626
  • 26. Author index, p627-632
  • 27. Language index, p633-636
  • 28. Language index, p637-642

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書名 Impersonal constructions : a cross-linguistic perspective
著作者等 Malchukov, Andrei L.
Siewierska, Anna
Malchukov Andrej
シリーズ名 Studies in language companion series
出版元 John Benjamins Pub. Co.
刊行年月 c2011
ページ数 ix, 641 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9789027205919
NCID BB06584685
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ