The linguistics of eating and drinking

edited by John Newman

This volume reviews a range of fascinating linguistic facts about ingestive predicates in the world's languages. The highly multifaceted nature of 'eat' and 'drink' events gives rise to interesting clausal properties of these predicates, such as the atypicality of transitive constructions involving 'eat' and 'drink' in some languages. The two verbs are also sources for a large number of figurative uses across languages with meanings such as 'destroy', and 'savour', as well as participating in a great variety of idioms which can be quite opaque semantically. Grammaticalized extensions of these predicates also occur, such as the quantificational use of Hausa shaa 'drink' meaning (roughly) 'do X frequently, regularly'. Specialists discuss details of the use of these verbs in a variety of languages and language families: Australian languages, Papuan languages, Athapaskan languages, Japanese, Korean, Hausa, Amharic, Hindi-Urdu, and Marathi.

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  • 1. Preface, pvii-xii
  • 2. A cross-linguistic overview of 'eat' and 'drink' (by Newman, John), p1-26
  • 3. How transitive are 'eat' and 'drink' verbs? (by Noss, Ashild), p27-43
  • 4. Quirky alternations of transitivity: The case of ingestive predicates (by Amberber, Mengistu), p45-63
  • 5. All people eat and drink. Does this mean that 'eat' and 'drink' are universal human concepts? (by Wierzbicka, Anna), p65-89
  • 6. 'Eating', 'drinking' and 'smoking': A generic verb and its semantics in Manambu (by Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y.), p91-108
  • 7. Athapaskan eating and drinking verbs and constructions (by Rice, Sally), p109-152
  • 8. The semantic evolution of 'eat'-expressions: Ways and byways (by Hook, Peter E.), p153-172
  • 9. Literal and figurative uses of Japanese 'eat' and 'drink' (by Yamaguchi, Toshiko), p173-193
  • 10. What (not) to eat or drink: Metaphor and metonymy of eating and drinking in Korean (by Song, Jae Jung), p195-227
  • 11. Metaphorical extensions of 'eat' --> [OVERCOME] and 'drink' --> [UNDERGO] in Hausa (by Jaggar, Philip J.), p229-251
  • 12. Amharic 'eat' and 'drink' verbs (by Newman, John), p253-271
  • 13. Author index, p273-275
  • 14. Language index, p277-278
  • 15. Subject index, p279-280

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書名 The linguistics of eating and drinking
著作者等 Newman John
書名別名 "Eating", "drinking" and "smoking"

All people eat and drink : does this mean that "eat" and "drink" are universal human concepts?

Metaphorical extensions of "eat" (overcome) and "drink" (undergo) in Hausa

A cross-linguistic overview of "eat" and "drink"
シリーズ名 Typological studies in language
出版元 John Benjamins
刊行年月 c2009
ページ数 xii, 280 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9789027229984
NCID BA89692360
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ