The future of ocean regime-building : essays in tribute to Douglas M. Johnston

edited by Aldo Chircop, Ted McDorman, Susan J. Rolston

'One of the most creative innovations of the international diplomatic community in the 20th century was its invention of the international regime', wrote Douglas M. Johnston in his last major work published posthumously ("The Historical Foundations of World Order: The Tower and the Arena, Nijhoff, 2008"). While regimes often provide order and certainty and a consequent reduction in disputes and misunderstandings, regimes are driven by specific concerns.With diverse disciplinary backgrounds and perspectives, the distinguished contributors to this tribute follow a long tradition of scholarly inquiry into the governance, creation, operation, viability and maintenance of international regimes. Their contributions on ocean and environmental regimes as diverse as fisheries, ocean dumping, maritime security, seafarers' rights, or enhancement of marine environmental protection attest to the depth to which modern international law and the underlying international relations have been transformed into an international law of structured cooperation. This book includes biographical and bibliographic notes on Douglas M. Johnston.

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  • Graham Day
  • PART I
  • Douglas Millar Johnston (1931-2006) Biographical Note
  • Aldo Chircop, Ted L. McDorman, Susan J. Rolston and Christian L. Wiktor
  • Douglas M. Johnston: Postscript for a Polymath
  • Brian Flemming
  • Remembering Douglas Johnston as a Practicing Diplomat as well as a Scholar
  • Edward L. Miles
  • Introduction: Setting the Stage
  • Aldo Chircop, Ted L. McDorman and Susan J. Rolston
  • Ocean and Environmental Regime Building: Global Perspectives
  • The Stockholm Declaration and the Structure and Processes of International Environmental Law
  • Jutta Brunnee
  • Integration among Global Environmental Regimes: Lessons Learned from Climate Change Mitigation
  • Meinhard Doelle
  • Ocean Regimes as Refl ected in 500 Years of Multilateral Treaty-Making
  • John Gamble, Ryan Watson and Lauren Piera
  • The Law of the Sea, Marine Technology, and Global Social Justice
  • Jay L. Batongbacal
  • State Practice and Maritime Claims: Assessing the Normative Impact of the Law of the Sea Convention
  • Stuart Kaye
  • Trends in Ocean Zoning - Layers of Confusion and Approaches to Clarity
  • John Duff
  • International Straits and Navigation Routes
  • Transit Passage Th rough International Straits
  • Jon M. Van Dyke
  • The Establishment of a Cooperative Mechanism for the Straits of Malacca and Singapore under Article 43 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
  • Robert Beckman
  • The Compulsory Pilotage Regime in the Torres Strait - A "Melting Pot" of Operational, Legal, and Political Considerations
  • Sam Bateman
  • Northern Sea Route Navigation: The Last Frontier? Edgar Gold
  • New Standards for International Shipping
  • Consequences of Securing Merchant Shipping for Contractual Relations in the Carriage of Seaborne Trade
  • Hugh M. Kindred and Mary R. Brooks
  • "Making Labour History" and the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006: Implications for International Law-Making (and Responses to the Dynamics of Globalization)
  • Moira L. McConnell
  • The Contribution of the 2006 ILO Maritime Labour Convention to Global Governance
  • Peter B. Payoyo
  • Fisheries Conservation and Human Rights Protection
  • The Management of Internationally Shared Fish Stocks: A Law and Economics Approach
  • Gordon R. Munro
  • To Catch a Thief: Canadian Law and Practice in the Northwest Atlantic, 1992-1994
  • Wendell Sanford
  • Human Rights Aspects of Legislation in the Fisheries Sector
  • William R. Edeson
  • Marine Environmental Protection
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Environmental Regimes: "Consilience," Science, and Common Sense
  • Shelley Lexmond
  • International Law and Ocean Dumping: Steering a Precautionary Course Aboard the 1996 London Protocol, but Still an Unfinished Voyage
  • David L. VanderZwaag and Anne Daniel
  • Regulation of the Dumping of Wastes at Sea: Th e Chinese Practice
  • Zou Keyuan
  • The Designation of Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas: A New Layer in the Regime for Marine Environmental Protection from International Shipping
  • Aldo Chircop
  • b>Dispute Settlement and Regional Cooperation
  • Third States in Maritime Delimitation Cases: Too Big a Role, Too Small a Role, or Both? Alex G. Oude Elferink
  • Brokering Cooperation Amidst Competing Maritime Claims: Preventative Diplomacy in the Gulf of Th ailand and South China Sea
  • Clive Schofi eld and Ian Townsend-Gault
  • Regime-Building in East Asia: Recent Progress and Problems
  • Mark J. Valencia
  • Notes on the Historic Waters Regime and the Bay of Fundy
  • Ted L. McDorman
  • The Legacy of the Dalhousie University Ocean Studies Programme (DOSP) in the Caribbean
  • Carlyle L. Mitchell
  • b>PART III
  • The Publications of Douglas Millar Johnston
  • Christian L. Wiktor and Ted L. McDorman

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書名 The future of ocean regime-building : essays in tribute to Douglas M. Johnston
著作者等 Chircop, Aldo E.
McDorman, Ted L.
Rolston Susan
Rolston Susan J
出版元 Martinus Nijhoff
刊行年月 2009
ページ数 xiv, 786 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9789004172678
NCID BA8963008X
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ