Issues in economics : an introduction

James B. Herendeen

Issues in Economics is structured around major policy issues and is divided into three parts: "Introduction to Issues in Economics," "Microeconomic Issues," and "Macroeconomic Issues." The first three chapters are basic introductions to the subject matter of economics with emphasis on theory, institutions, and policy. Theory and institutions becomes the framework for policy analysis. The first three chapters of the second section deal with the theory of the household, the theory of the firm and the theory of markets. The remainder of the second section deals with specific issues, such as government regulation; agricultural policy; healthcare policy; and corporate accountability. In "Macroeconomic Issues," the first chapter's focus is "Measuring Economic Activity." This chapter develops the accounting framework on which macroeconomic theory is based. The second chapter is "Aggregate Supply and Demand." It develops these concepts and the concept of normal output around which short-run output fluctuates with shifts in supply and demand. The remainder of Part III features specific policy issues, such as business cycles; stabilization policy; the role of the Federal Reserve System, the role of finance in the economy; and international policy issues. This textbook is appropriate for a freshman/sophomore level one semester introduction to economics course or issues in economics course; it can also be used to supplement a standard two semester economics textbook.

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  • Part 1 Part I. Introduction to Issues in Economics Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 The Role of Markets: Production, Consumption, Distribution, Specialization and Exchange Chapter 4 The Economic Role of Governement Part 5 Part II. Microeconomic Issues Chapter 6 Households and Markets Chapter 7 Theory of Costs and Theory of the Firm Chapter 8 Classification of Market Structure and The Degree of Competition Chapter 9 Why Has Income Distribution Become Less Equal Over the Last 30 Years? Chapter 10 Regulation and Deregulation Chapter 11 Why are Farmers Doing so Poorly Despite All the Money Spent on Farm Programs? Chapter 12 Education: What's Wrong With Our School Systems? Chapter 13 Environmental Economics: Does Saving the Environment Require Slower Economic Growth? Chapter 14 Economics of Health Care System: Can the System be Reformed? Chapter 15 International Trade and Exchange Chapter 16 The Recent Corporate Scandals: To Who Are Corporate Executives Accountable? Part 17 Part III: Macroeconomic Issues Chapter 18 Measuring Economic Activity Chapter 19 Aggregate Supply and Demand Chapter 20 Business Cycles Chapter 21 The Federal Reserve and the Money Supply Process Chapter 22 Macroeconomic Policy: Stabilization, Growth and Inflation Chapter 23 The US and the Rest of the World: Goods Markets, Financial Markets and Money Markets Chapter 24 The Role of Financial Markets Chapter 25 Banking and Financial Services: Are Fewer and Bigger Banks Better? Chapter 26 Social Security: Is the System Going Broke? Chapter 27 Growth, Development and Globalization

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書名 Issues in economics : an introduction
著作者等 Herendeen, James B.
Herendeen James
出版元 University Press of America
刊行年月 c2008
ページ数 xix, 275 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9780761836131
NCID BA8559010X
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国