Lagrangian and Hamiltonian methods for nonlinear control 2006 : proceedings from the 3rd IFAC Workshop, Nagoya, Japan, July 2006

Francesco Bullo, Kenji Fujimoto (eds.)


  • A Differential-Geometric Approach for Bernstein's Degrees-of-Freedom Problem.- Nonsmooth Riemannian Optimization with Applications to Sphere Packing and Grasping.- Synchronization of Networked Lagrangian Systems.- An Algorithm to Discretize One-Dimensional Distributed Port Hamiltonian Systems.- Virtual Lagrangian Construction Method for Infinite-Dimensional Systems with Homotopy Operators.- Direct Discrete-Time Design for Sampled-Data Hamiltonian Control Systems.- Kinematic Compensation in Port-Hamiltonian Telemanipulation.- Interconnection and Damping Assignment Passivity-Based Control of a Four-Tank System.- Towards Power-Based Control Strategies for a Class of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems.- Power Shaping Control of Nonlinear Systems: A Benchmark Example.- Total Energy Shaping Control of Mechanical Systems: Simplifying the Matching Equations Via Coordinate Changes.- Simultaneous Interconnection and Damping Assignment Passivity-Based Control: Two Practical Examples.- An Internal Model Approach to Implicit Fault Tolerant Control for Port-Hamiltonian Systems.- On the Geometric Reduction of Controlled Three-Dimensional Bipedal Robotic Walkers.- Gait Generation for a Hopping Robot Via Iterative Learning Control Based on Variational Symmetry.- On the Interconnection Structures of Irreversible Physical Systems.- Rolling Problems on Spaces of Constant Curvature.- Dirac Structures and the Legendre Transformation for Implicit Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Systems.- Control of a class of 1-generator nonholonomic system with drift through input-dependent coordinate transformation.- Principal Subspace Flows Via Mechanical Systems on Grassmann Manifolds.- Approximation of Generalized Minimizers and Regularization of Optimal Control Problems.- Minimum Time Optimality of a Partially Singular Arc: Second Order Conditions.- Hamiltonian Engineering for Quantum Systems.- Stability Analysis of 2-D Object Grasping by a Pair of Robot Fingers with Soft and Hemispherical Ends.- Intrinsic Control Designs for Abstract Machines.- Shape Control of a Multi-agent System Using Tensegrity Structures.- A Family of Pumping-Damping Smooth Strategies for Swinging Up a Pendulum.- An Energy-Shaping Approach with Direct Mechanical Damping Injection to Design of Control for Power Systems.- Remarks on Quadratic Hamiltonians in Spaceflight Mechanics.- Controlling a Submerged Rigid Body: A Geometric Analysis.- Explicit Structured Singular Value Analysis of Manipulators with Passivity Based Control.

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書名 Lagrangian and Hamiltonian methods for nonlinear control 2006 : proceedings from the 3rd IFAC Workshop, Nagoya, Japan, July 2006
著作者等 Bullo, Francesco
IFAC Workshop on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control
International Federation of Automatic Control
Fujimoto Kenji
書名別名 Lagrangian and Hamiltonian methods for nonlinear control
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in control and information sciences
出版元 Springer
刊行年月 c2007
ページ数 xv, 398 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 9783540738893
ISSN 01708643
NCID BA83079351
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言語 英語
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