Robotic welding, intelligence and automation

Tzyh-Jong Tarn, Shan-Ben Chen, Changjiu Zhou (eds.)


  • General Intelligent Robotics.- Behavior-Based Intelligent Robotic Technologies in Industrial Applications.- Detecting System Modeling and Hand-Eye Calibration for a Robot to Detect the Ablation of Hydro-turbine Blades.- Dynamic Model and Control for an Omnidirectional Mobile Manipulator.- Soft Touch Control Strategy of Remote Teaching Based on Force Sensing.- A Novel Pose Estimation System for Indoor Mobile Robots Based on Two Optical Sensors.- Haptic Teleoperation of Robotic Manipulator.- Practical Stabilization of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots Moving on Uneven Surface.- An Efficient Method for Collision Detection and Distance Queries in a Robotic Bridge Maintenance System.- Laser Vision System Based on Synchronized Scanning Method.- An Object Oriented Robot Programming Approach in Robot Served Plastic Injection Molding Application.- A Wide Angle-of-View Thermal Imaging System Utilizing the Rotation of Optical Path.- Intelligent Techniques for Robotic Welding.- On the Key Technologies of Intelligentized Welding Robot.- Computer Simulation of Neural Network Control System for CO2 Welding Process.- Numerical Study of Tube Cathode Arc with Anode Melting.- Numerical Simulation of Molten Droplet Shape and Electromagnetic Pinch Effect in Short-Circuit CO2 Welding.- Planning the Torch Orientation of Planar Lap Joint in Robotic Welding.- Automatic Path Planning for Welding Robot Based on Reconstructed Surface Model.- Study on the Control Strategy of Commutation Process in Variable Polarity Plasma Arc Welding.- Recognition of Macroscopic Seam for Complex Robotic Welding Environment.- Research on Performance of Welding Fuzzy Petri Net Model.- Agent-Based Modeling and Control of Remote Robotic Welding System.- On-Line Estimation of Electrode Face Diameter Based on Servo Gun Driven by Robot in Resistance Spot Welding.- Numerical Simulation and Control of Robot Welding Deformation of Five-Port Connector.- 3D Reconstruction of Welding Environment Based on Spacetime Stereo.- Measurement for Three Dimensional Surface of Welding Pool in GTAW Welding.- Research on the Control Method of Multi-parameter Comprehensive Decision Making for Spot Welding.- Waveform Control High-Speed Welding System for Arc Welding Robot.- Multi-agent-Based Control Model of Laser Welding Flexible Manufacturing System.- Recognition of the Initial Position of Weld Based on the Corner Detection for Welding Robot in Global Environment.- Vision Sensing and Intelligent Control of Arc Welding Processing.- Integrated Weld Quality Control System Based on Laser Strobe Vision.- Development of a Visual-Based Welding Pool Width Control System for Al-P-MIG Welding Process.- Visual Sensing and Image Processing in Aluminum Alloy Welding.- Seam Tracking of Articulated Robot for Laser Welding Based on Visual Feedback Control.- Efficient Weld Seam Detection for Robotic Welding from a Single Image.- Research on the Laser Calibration Method for the Image Plane Center of the Visual Sensor.- Software System Designs of Real-Time Image Processing of Weld Pool Dynamic Characteristics.- A Study on Vision-Based Real-Time Seam Tracking in Robotic Arc Welding.- Image Processing of Seam Tracking System Using Laser Vision.- Discretiztion in Rough Set Modeling Method for Welding Process.- A Model-Free Adaptive Control of Pulsed GTAW.- Welding Automations.- A Model of Automatic Detection System for Weld Defects Based on Machine Vision.- A Vision-Based Seam Tracking System for Submerged Arc Welding.- Automatic Inspection of Weld Defects with X-Ray Real-Time Imaging.- Portable and Intelligent Stud Welding Inverter for Automotive and Sheet Metal Fabrication.- Study on the Control System of the Lathing and Welding Compound Machine Tool.- Study of STL Data Processing on TIG Welding Rapid Manufacture.- Girth Seam Tracking System Based on Vision for Pipe Welding Robot.- Study of Off-Line Programming System of Arc Robot Based on the Software of ROBOGUIDE.- Intelligent Control and Its Application in Engineering.- Distributed Simultaneous Task Allocation and Motion Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles Using a Parallel Computing Cluster.- A New Support Vector Machine-Based Fuzzy System with High Comprehensibility.- Vision-Based Dynamic Tracking of Motion Trajectories of Human Fingertips.- The Investigation of Control System and Security for a New Medical Robot.- The Extraction of Fuzzy Rules and Control for Deposit Dimension in Spray Forming Process.- Multi-modal Virtual Reality Dental Training System with Integrated Haptic-Visual-Audio Display.- Application of a Robot Assisted Tele-neurosurgery System.- Design and Implement of Neural Network Based Fractional-Order Controller.- An Algorithm for Surface Growing from Laser Scan Generated Point Clouds.- Study on the Size Effect and the Effect of the Friction Coefficient on the Micro-extrusion Process.- A New Wafer Prealigner.- The Energy Optimization Design of the Safety Door's Control System in the Urban Light Rail Transit Line.- Manipulator Trajectory Planning Using Geodesic Method.- Anti-phase Synchronization Control Scheme of Passive Biped Robot.- EDA-Based Optimization and Learning Methods for Biped Gait Generation.- Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Marine Craft.

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書名 Robotic welding, intelligence and automation
著作者等 Tarn, Tzyh-Jong
Chen S.-B (Shan-Ben)
Chen Shan-Ben
Zhou Changjiu
International Conference on Robotic Welding Intelligence and Automation
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in control and information sciences
出版元 Springer
刊行年月 c2007
ページ数 xii, 562 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 9783540733737
NCID BA83077028
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ