Recent developments in cultural economics

edited by Ruth Towse

This volume is a compilation by one of the most experienced editors in the field of published articles on cultural economics. It includes articles on both the 'traditional' fare of cultural economics - economics of cultural policy, the performing arts, museums and heritage, and artists labour markets - and extends the scope to the economics of creative industries and copyright, topics that are now at the heart of cultural policy. The articles (with one exception) have all been published in the last 10 years and the aim of the book is to bring readers up to date on cultural economics in a range of related fields: cultural and social policy, sociology of the arts and culture, arts management, indeed, anyone with an interest in the 'creative economy'. "Recent Developments in Cultural Economics" is ideal for undergraduates studying any of these subjects and is essential reading for postgraduates and teachers of cultural economics.

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  • Contents: Acknowledgements Introduction Ruth Towse PART I GENERAL 1. Mark Blaug (2001), 'Where Are We Now in Cultural Economics?' 2. Bruce A. Seaman (2004), 'Competition and the Non-Profit Arts: The Lost Industrial Organization Agenda' 3. William D. Grampp (1989), 'Rent-seeking in Arts Policy' 4. Alan Peacock (2004), 'The Credibility of Cultural Economists' Advice to Governments' PART II THEORETICAL DEVELOPMENTS 5. Michael Rushton (1999), 'Methodological Individualism and Cultural Economics' 6. David Throsby (2001), 'Conclusions' 7. Douglas S. Noonan (2003), 'Contingent Valuation and Cultural Resources: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Literature' PART III TICKET PRICING 8. Sherwin Rosen and Andrew M. Rosenfield (1997), 'Ticket Pricing' 9. Pascal Courty (2003), 'Some Economics of Ticket Resale' 10. Stephen J. Bailey and Peter Falconer (1998), 'Charging for Admission to Museums and Galleries: A Framework for Analysing the Impact on Access' PART IV PERFORMING ARTS 11. Louis Levy-Garboua and Claude Montmarquette (1996), 'A Microeconometric Study of Theatre Demand' 12. Susanne Krebs and Werner W. Pommerehne (1995), 'Politico-Economic Interactions of German Public Performing Arts Institutions' 13. Ruth Towse (2001), 'Quis custodiet? Or Managing the Management: The Case of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden' PART V MUSEUMS 14. William D. Grampp (1996), 'A Colloquy about Art Museums: Economics Engages Museology' 15. Odile Paulus (2003), 'Measuring Museum Performance: A Study of Museums in France and the United States' PART VI BUILT HERITAGE 16. David Throsby (1997), 'Seven Questions in the Economics of Cultural Heritage' 17. Ilde Rizzo (1998), 'Heritage Regulation: A Political Economy Approach' 18. Francoise Benhamou (1996), 'Is Increased Public Spending for the Preservation of Historic Monuments Inevitable? The French Case' PART VII THE ART MARKET 19. Neil De Marchi (1999), excerpt from 'Introduction' 20. Jianping Mei and Michael Moses (2002), 'Art as an Investment and the Underperformance of Masterpieces' 21. R.B. Ekelund, Jr., Rand W. Ressler and John Keith Watson (2000), 'The "Death-Effect" in Art Prices: A Demand-Side Exploration' 22. Victor Ginsburgh (2006), 'The Economic Consequences of Droit de Suite in the European Union' PART VIII ARTISTS' LABOUR MARKETS 23. David Throsby (1994), 'A Work-Preference Model of Artist Behaviour' 24. Maurizio Caserta and Tiziana Cuccia (2001), 'The Supply of Arts Labour: Towards a Dynamic Approach' 25. Tyler Cowen and Alexander Tabarrok (2000), 'An Economic Theory of Avant-Garde and Popular Art, or High and Low Culture' 26. Tyler Cowen (1996), 'Why Women Succeed, and Fail, in the Arts' PART IX INSTITUTIONS AND CREATIVITY 27. Bruno S. Frey (2003), 'Creativity, Government and the Arts' 28. Ruth Towse (2001), 'Partly for the Money: Rewards and Incentives to Artists' 29. Xavier Castaner and Lorenzo Campos (2002), 'The Determinants of Artistic Innovation: Bringing in the Role of Organizations' PART X CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 30. Richard E. Caves (2003), 'Contracts Between Art and Commerce' 31. Jonathan Gander and Alison Rieple (2004), 'How Relevant is Transaction Cost Economics to Inter-Firm Relationships in the Music Industry?' 32. F.M. Scherer (2001), 'An Early Application of the Average Total Cost Concept' 33. Eric A. Strobl and Clive Tucker (2000), 'The Dynamics of Chart Success in the U.K. Pre-Recorded Popular Music Industry' 34. Arthur De Vany and W. David Walls (1999), 'Uncertainty in the Movie Industry: Does Star Power Reduce the Terror of the Box Office?' 35. Bruno S. Frey with Isabelle Vautravers-Busenhart (2000), 'Special Exhibitions and Festivals: Culture's Booming Path to Glory' PART XI COPYRIGHT 36. Hal R. Varian (2005), 'Copying and Copyright' 37. Stan J. Liebowitz (2004), 'Will MP3 Downloads Annihilate the Record Industry? The Evidence so Far' Name Index

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書名 Recent developments in cultural economics
著作者等 Towse, Ruth
シリーズ名 An Elgar reference collection
The international library of critical writings in economics
出版元 E. Elgar
刊行年月 c2007
ページ数 xix, 722 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9781845423858
NCID BA82438608
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス