Talcott Parsons

edited by John Holmwood

Talcott Parsons is probably the most important and influential US sociologist of the twentieth century. His career spanned the early formation of sociology as an academic discipline and he was active during a key period of its institutionalization in the USA in the 1940s and 1950s, when his structural-functional theory of social systems was most influential. His approach fell from favour in the 1970s in a political climate more attuned to issues of conflict and change and few sociologists of subsequent generations self-consciously identified themselves with it, although it remained the critical foil against which alternative positions were defined. This collection brings together, for the first time, the leading essays covering the work of Parsons, introduced and contextualized by a detailed essay written by the editor.

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  • Introduction: Talcott Parsons: in his times and ours
  • Parsons and His Theoretical Context
  • Whitney Pope, Jere Cohen and Lawrence Hazelrigg (1975), On the divergence of Weber and Durkheim: a critique of Parsons' convergence thesis
  • Charles Camic (1987), The making of a method: a historical reinterpretation of the early Parsons
  • Between 'objectivism' and 'subjectivism'
  • George C. Homans (1964), Bringing men back in Alfred Schutz (1978) [1940], Parsons' theory of social action
  • Norms and Action: Dennis Wrong (1961), The oversocialised conception of man in modern sociology
  • R. Stephen Warner (1978), Towards a re-definition of action theory: paying the cognitive element its due
  • Conflict and power: Ralf Dahrendorf (1958), Out of utopia: toward a re-orientation of sociological theory
  • Anthony Giddens (1968), "Power" in the recent writings of Talcott Parsons
  • System and action: Don C. Martindale (1971), 'Talcott Parsons' theoretical metamorphosis from social behaviourism to macro-functionalism
  • Thomas Burger (1977), Talcott Parsons, the problem of order in society and the program of an analytical sociology
  • Hans P. Adriaansen (1979), The conceptual dilemma: towards a better understanding of the development in Parsonian action theory
  • System and Function: Robert K. Merton (1968) [1949], Manifest and latent functions
  • Alvin Gouldner (1959), Reciprocity and autonomy in functional theory
  • Miriam Johnson (1993), Functionalism and feminism: is estrangement necessary?
  • System and contradiction: David Lockwood (1964), Social integration and system integration
  • Jurgen Habermas (1981), Talcott Parsons: problems of theory construction
  • Neo-Functionalism: Parsons Revisited and Revisioned: Jeffery C. Alexander (1988), The new theoretical movement
  • Richard Munch (1987), Parsonian theory today: in search of a new synthesis
  • Hans Joas (1988), The antinomies of neo-functionalism
  • a critical essay on Jeffery Alexander
  • Afterword: Talcott Parsons (1974), On building social system theory: a personal history
  • Index.

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書名 Talcott Parsons
著作者等 Holmwood, John
シリーズ名 International library of essays in the history of social and political thought
出版元 Ashgate
刊行年月 c2006
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