Lexis and transmission

edited by Christian Kay, Carole Hough, Irené Wotherspoon

Together these two volumes provide an overview of many of the issues that are currently engaging practitioners in the field of English historical linguistics. In the first volume, the primary concern is with the historical grammar of English. Some papers take a broad overview of the subject, positioning it within current advances in linguistic theory, while others deal with specific points of syntax and morphology in a historical context. The second volume deals with the historical study of the English lexicon and its sound and writing systems. Contributions from scholars around the world remind us that not only English itself but the history of English is now an international possession.

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This is the second of two volumes of papers selected from those given at the 12th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics. The first is New Perspectives on English Historical Linguistics (1): Syntax and Morphology. Together the volumes provide an overview of many of the issues that are currently engaging practitioners in the field. In this volume, the primary concern is with the historical study of the English lexicon and its sound and writing systems. Using research tools such as machine-readable text and lexical corpora, and intellectual tools such as corpus and cognitive linguistics, many of the papers move from a close study of a set of data to conclusions of theoretical significance, often concerning questions of classification and organisation. More broadly, whether concerned with lexicology or transmission, the papers have a social orientation, since neither lexicology nor phonology can be seen as divorced from its social setting.

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  • 1. Acknowledgements, pvii
  • 2. Introduction, pix-xii
  • 3. Chancery Standard (by Benskin, Michael), p1-40
  • 4. Cant and slang dictionaries: A statistical approach (by Coleman, Julie), p41-47
  • 5. DOST: A significant instance of historical lexicography (by Dareau, Marace), p49-64
  • 6. Image schemata and light: A study in diachronic lexical domains in English (by Diaz Vera, Javier E.), p65-77
  • 7. Loanword etymologies in the third edition of the OED: Some questions of classification (by Durkin, Philip), p79-90
  • 8. "Non olet": Euphemisms we live by (by Fischer, Andreas), p91-107
  • 9. Intrusive [h] in present-day English accents and -insertion in medieval manuscripts: Hypercorrection or functionally-motivated language use? (by Hacker, Martina), p109-123
  • 10. Mergers, near-mergers and phonological interpretation (by Hickey, Raymond), p125-137
  • 11. New light on the verb "understand" (by Hough, Carole A.), p139-149
  • 12. Homophones and the stabilization of orthography in nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century English (by Kermas, Susan), p151-162
  • 13. Kailyard, conservatism and Scots in the Statistical Accounts of Scotland (by McColl Millar, Robert), p163-176
  • 14. A sociolinguistic approach to the Norse-derived words in the glosses to the Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels (by Pons-Sanz, Sara M.), p177-192
  • 15. Haplology in English adverb-formation (by Pounder, Amanda V.), p193-211
  • 16. Uses of Scottish place-names as evidence in historical dictionaries (by Scott, Maggie), p213-224
  • 17. On the stressing of French loanwords in English (by Svensson, Ann-Marie), p225-234
  • 18. Like like love: Comparing two modern English words diachronically (by Tissari, Heli), p235-249
  • 19. Spirantisation and despirantisation (by Welna, Jerzy), p251-265
  • 20. Name index, p267
  • 21. Subject index, p269

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書名 Lexis and transmission
著作者等 Hough, Carole
International Conference on English Historical Linguistics
Kay, Christian
Wotherspoon, Irené
Hough Carole A.
Wothersoon Irene
Kay Christian J.
書名別名 English historical linguistics
シリーズ名 Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science
出版元 J. Benjamins
刊行年月 c2004
ページ数 xii, 271 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027247641
NCID BA67871559
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ