The Vienna circle and logical empiricism : re-evaluation and future perspectives

edited by Friedrich Stadler

This work is for scholars, researchers and students in history and philosophy of science focusing on Logical Empiricism and analytic philosophy (of science). It provides historical and systematic research and deals with the influence and impact of the Vienna Circle/Logical Empiricism on today's philosophy of science. It also explores the intellectual context of this scientific philosophy and focuses on main figures and peripheral adherents.

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  • A: The Vienna Circle and Logical Empiricism. What is the Vienna Circle? Some Methodological and Historiographical Answers
  • F. Stadler. I: Origins and History. Pluralism of Tenable World Views
  • A. Naess. On the Formation of Logical Empiricism
  • P. Parrini. Bolzano's Account of Justification
  • A. Von Duhn. Kantian Metaphysics and Hertzian Mechanics
  • D.J. Hyder. II: Moritz Schlick. Moritz Schlick's Idea of Non-territorial States
  • H. Schleichert. An Unknown Side of Moritz Schlick's Intellectual Biography: the Reviews for the 'Vierteljahrschrift fur wissenschaftliche Philosophie und Soziologie' (191 1-1916)
  • M. Ferrari. Between Meaning and Demarcation
  • H.J. Wendel. 'Let's Talk about Flourishing!' - Moritz Schlick and the Non-cognitive Foundation of Virtue Ethics
  • D. Borchers. III: Hans Reichenbach. Coordination and Convention in Hans Reichenbach's Philosophy of Space
  • C. Klein. Reichenbach's epsilon-Definition of Simultaneity in Historical and Philosophical Perspective
  • R. Rynasiewicz. IV: Other Proponents and Periphery. Towards a Physicalistic Attitude
  • J. Manninen. Logical Empiricism and Phenomenology: Felix Kaufmann
  • W. Huemer. Bela von Juhos and the Concept of 'Konstatierungen'
  • A. Koterski. Wittgenstein's Constructivization of Euler's Proof of the Infinity of Primes
  • P. Mancosu, M. Marion. Quine's Historical Argument for Epistemology Naturalized
  • G. DePierris. V: Unity and Plurality. Two Uses of Unification
  • E. Sober. Unity and Plurality in the Concept of Causation
  • C. Hitchcock. Edgar Zilsel's Research Programme: Unity of Science as an Empirical Problem
  • D. Raven. VI: Contexts ofScience. Criticizing a Difference of Contexts - On Reichenbach's Distinction between 'Context of Discovery' and 'Context of Justification'
  • G. Schiemann. Contextualizing an Epistemological Issue: the Case of Error in Experiment
  • G. Hon. The Contexts of Scientific Justification. Some Reflections on the Relation between Epistemological Contextualism and Philosophy of Science
  • J. Schickore. VII: Epistemology. Modal Skepticism. Philosophical Thought Experiments and Modal Epistemology
  • D. Cohnitz. Structure and Heuristic: in Praise of Structural Realism in the Case of Niels Bohr
  • F.O. Engler. VIII: Ethics. The Neutrality of Meta-Ethics Revisited - How to Draw on Einstein and the Vienna Circle in Developing an Adequate Account of Morals
  • U. Czaniera. IX: Women of Logical Empiricism. No Woman, no Try? - Else Frenkel-Brunswik and the Project of Integrating Psychoanalysis into the Unity of Science
  • D. Borchers. Susan Stebbing on Cambridge and Vienna Analysis
  • M. Beaney. Susan Stebbing's Criticism of Wittgenstein's Tractatus
  • N. Milkov. Rose Rand: a Woman in Logic
  • A. Hamacher-Hermes. B: General Part. Report - Documentation. Logical Positivism in Russia
  • O. Nazarova. Reviews. Ernst Mach's Vienna 1895-1930 or Phenomenalism as Philosophy of Science. Edited by John Blackmore, Ryoichi Itagaki and Setsuko Tanaka. Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht 2001
  • Erik Banks. Herbert Hochberg, The Positivist and the Ontologist. Bergmann, Carnap and Logical Realism, Rodopi: Amsterdam/Atlanta 2001
  • E. Tegtmeier. Liliana Albertazzi / Dale Jacquette / Roberto Poli (eds.), The School of Alexius Meinong (= Western philosophy series 57), Aldershot et al.: Ashgate, 2001
  • Maria Reicher. M. Ferr

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書名 The Vienna circle and logical empiricism : re-evaluation and future perspectives
著作者等 Stadler, Friedrich
シリーズ名 Vienna Circle Institute yearbook
出版元 Kluwer Academic Publishers
刊行年月 c2003
ページ数 xxiii, 423 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 1402012691
NCID BA64033728
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ