The atlas of U.S. and Canadian environmental history

Char Miller, editor

This visually dynamic historical atlas chronologically covers American environmental history through the use of four-color maps, photos, and diagrams, and in written entries from well known scholars. Organized into seven categories, each chapter covers: agriculture * wildlife and forestry * land use and management * technology and industry * pollution and human heath * human habitats * and ideology and politics. With valuable reference aids--including bibliographies, sources for further research, an extensive index, and newly designed maps--this is an indispensable tool for students and educators alike. For a detailed contents, a generous selection of sample articles, and more, visit the website Atlas of US and Canadian Environmental History website. Also includes 46 color maps.

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  • Chapter One: European Exploration and the Colonial Era (1492-1770s) Introduction
  • Columbian Exchange
  • Domestication of the Land: From Wilderness to Farmland
  • Early American and Canadian Forests
  • European Exploitation and Mapping the Land
  • Commodification of Nature: Export of Resources to the Old World
  • Pre-Contact: Indigenous Populations in the United States and Canada
  • Spanish In Florida and the Southwest
  • New England Agrarian Commonwealths
  • Chesapeake Bay Region: Early Tobacco South
  • The Seigneurial System in New France
  • Relationship to the Land: Indigenous and European Views Chapter Two: Expansion and Conflict (1770s-1850s) Introduction
  • Farming in Southern Ontario
  • Plantation Economy and Labor in the U.S. South
  • The Fur Trade
  • Great Lakes Timber
  • Extermination of the Buffalo
  • Public Land Policies: The U.S. Experience
  • Crown Land Policies: The Canadian Experience
  • The Age of Wood
  • The Transportation Revolution
  • Native Americans: Reservations and Relocations in the United States
  • Canada's First Nations
  • The Return to Nature: Transcendentalism and Utopian Communities
  • Manifest Destiny and the Politics of U.S. Western Expansion Chapter Three: Landscape of Industrialization (1850s-1920s) Introduction
  • Agricultural Innovations and Technology
  • The Frontier: Cattle Ranching
  • Harvesting the Pacific Northwest Forests
  • Rebirth of American Forests
  • Exploitation of Raw Materials for Industry
  • Gold and Silver Mining in the West
  • The Impact of Civil War
  • Transcontinental Railroads
  • Iron and Steel Production
  • Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal in the United States
  • Water Supply and Pollution in Canada
  • Urbanization: Population Shifts and Migration Patterns
  • The Built Environment in the City
  • Social Darwinism and 'Survival of the Fittest' in the United States
  • City Beautiful Movement
  • Romanticism of Nature: American and Canadian Writers and Artists Chapter Four: The Conservation Era (1880s-1920s) Introduction
  • Irrigation and Farming in the United States and Canada
  • Forest Management: United States Forest Service
  • Forest Management in Canada
  • The Beginning of Wildlife Preservation in Canada
  • Urban Parks and Landscape Architecture in the United States and Canada
  • Winters v. U.S. and the Development of the Doctrine of Reserved Water Rights
  • Appalachian Coal Mining
  • Petroleum and the Early Oil Industry
  • Urban Smoke Pollution in the United States
  • The Canadian Commission of Conservation: Urban Planning
  • The U.S. Conservation Movement
  • The Conservation Movement in Canada
  • The Origin of the Preservation Movement in the United States
  • The Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909: An Expression of Progressivism Chapter Five: From the Depression to Atomic Power (1930s-1960s) Introduction
  • The Dust Bowl in the Great Plains
  • Chemicalization of Agriculture in the United States
  • Game Management
  • Sustainable Forestry in British Columbia and Ontario
  • Western Dams in the United States
  • The Atom Bomb and Nuclear Power
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書名 The atlas of U.S. and Canadian environmental history
著作者等 Miller, Char
Moschovitis Group
出版元 Routledge
刊行年月 2003
ページ数 viii, 248 p.
大きさ 29 cm
ISBN 0415937817
NCID BA63539120
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国