Textbook of gastroenterology  set ~ v. 2

editor, Tadataka Yamada ; associate editors, David H. Alpers ... [et al.]

Thoroughly updated for its Fourth Edition, this classic two-volume work provides encyclopedic coverage of contemporary clinical gastroenterology. In 162 chapters written by leading authorities, the text reviews clinically relevant basic science, presents practical approaches to common symptoms, discusses the entire spectrum of diseases, and describes all diagnostic and therapeutic modalities available today. Complementing the text are 2,000 illustrations. This edition has a new Associate Editor, Neil Kaplowitz, MD, who is a noted hepatologist. More than 30 new chapters focus specifically on liver disease and the liver is incorporated into other chapters where appropriate. Also included are new chapters on alternative medicine, approaches to the patient with obesity, visceral sensory pathways, and economics of diagnosis and treatment. More than 30 percent of the contributors are new to this edition.

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  • Volume One <ol> PART ONE: BASIC MECHANISMS OF NORMAL AND ABNORMAL GASTROINTESTINAL FUNCTION A Components <li> The Integrated Responses of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver to a Meal 2 Helen E. Raybould, Stephen J. Pandol, Hal Yee <li> The Enteric Nervous System and Its Extrinsic Connections 12 John B. Furness, Nadine Clerc, Fivos Vogalis, Martin J. Stebbing <li> Sensory Neurons of the Gastrointestinal Tract 34 John B. Furness, Martin J. Stebbing, Nadine Clerc <li> Gastrointestinal Hormones and Receptors 48 Laurence J. Miller <li> The Brain-Gut Axis 77 Graham J. Dockray <li> Smooth Muscle of the Gut 92 Gabriel M. Makhlouf <li> The Immune System and Gastrointestinal Inflammation 117 Richard S. Blumberg, William F. Stenson <li> Epithelia: Biologic Principles of Organization 151 James L. Madara, James M. Anderson B Motility <li> Esophageal Motor Function 166 Piero Biancani, Karen M. Harnett, Jose Behar <li> Physiology of Gastric Motility and Gastric Emptying 195 William L. Hasler <li> Motility of the Small Intestine and Colon 220 William L. Hasler <li> Motility of the Biliary Tract 248 Gary M. Mawe, Peter L. Moses, Maria J. Pozo C Secretion and Absorption <li> Gastric Secretion 266 John Del Valle, Andrea Todisco <li> Electrolyte Secretion and Absorption: Small Intestine and Colon 308 Marshall H. Montrose, Stephen J. Keely, Kim E. Barrett <li> Pancreatic Secretion 340 Chung Owyang, John A. Williams <li> Bile Secretion and Cholestasis 366 Steven A. Weinman, Nyingi Kemmer D Nutrition <li> Carbohydrate Assimilation 389 Peter G. Traber <li> Intestinal Lipid Absorption 413 Nicholas O. Davidson <li> Protein Digestion and Assimilation 438 Vadivel Ganapathy, Malliga E. Ganapathy, Frederick H. Leibach <li> Vitamin and Mineral Absorption 449 Charles H. Halsted, Bo L. Lonnerdal <li> General Nutritional Principles 472 David H. Alpers, Samuel Klein E Miscellaneous <li> Gastrointestinal Blood Flow 498 Karen D. Crissinger, D. Neil Granger <li> Growth and Development of the Gastrointestinal Tract 521 Mark W. Babyatsky, Daniel K. Podolsky <li> Neoplasia of the Gastrointestinal Tract 557 John M. Carethers, C. Richard Boland <li> The Bacterial Flora of the Healthy Gastrointestinal Tract 584 Alex Novogrudsky, Andrew G. Plaut <li> Drug Metabolism in the Liver and Intestines 592 Paul B. Watkins <li> Pathogenesis of Hepatic Fibrosis 605 David A. Brenner, Richard A. Rippe <li> Hepatic Regeneration 621 Rebecca A. Taub PART TWO: APPROACHES TO COMMON GASTROINTESTINAL PROBLEMS <li> Psychosocial Factors in the Care of Patients with Gastrointestinal Disorders 636 Douglas A. Drossman, Lin Chhangg lt
  • br> <li> Approach to the Patient with Dyspepsia and Related Functional Gastrointestinal Complaints 655 Nicholas J. Talley, Gerald Holtmann <li> Approach to the Patient with Dysphagia or Odynophagia 678 Ray E. Clouse <li> Approach to the Patient with Unexplained Noncardiac Chest Pain 692 Donald O. Castell, Philip O. Katz

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書名 Textbook of gastroenterology
著作者等 Yamada, Tadataka
Kaplowitz, Neil
Laine, Loren
Owyang, Chung
Alpers, David H.
巻冊次 set
v. 1
v. 2
出版元 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
刊行年月 2003
版表示 4th ed
ページ数 2 v.
大きさ 29 cm
ISBN 0781728614
NCID BA62356919
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国