Jacques Derrida  v. 1 ~ v. 4

edited by Christopher Norris & David Roden

Jacques Derrida's philosophy of deconstruction has been a key reference in the social sciences for more than 25 years. This work, in four volumes, is a comprehensive, thematically organized review of the key secondary literature on Derrida's writing. It provides a systematic overview of the core conceptual vocabulary informing Deconstruction, identifying published works that most clearly and significantly discuss Derrida's thought. Together these four volumes represent an essential reference for researchers and students in social theory, cultural studies, philosophy, literature and linguistics.

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  • VOLUME ONE PART ONE: METAPHYSICS Deconstruction as Criticism - Rodolphe Gasch[ac]e The Metaphysics of Presence - M C Dillon The Problem of Closure in Derrida - Simon Critchley Is Derrida a Transcendental Philosopher? - Richard Rorty The Secret Name of Cats - Henry Staten PART TWO: PHILOSOPHICAL DIFFERENCES Derrida and Heidegger - Thomas Sheehan Differentiating Derrida and Deleuze - Gordon Bearn Derrida - Alan Schrift Neitzsche Contra Heidegger PART THREE: PHENOMENOLOGY Husserl's Theory of Signs Revisited - Rudolph Bernet Indication and Occasional Expressions - J Claude Evans Is the Present Ever Present? Phenomenology and the Metaphysics of Presence - Rudolphe Bernet The Relation as the Issue - Leonard Lawlor Philosophical Extravagence in Merleau-Ponty and Derrida - Joseph Margolis PART FOUR: DIALECTICS Derrida and Hegel - John Protevi Diff[ac]erance and Unterscheid Hegel/Marx - Andrzej Warminski Consciousness and Life Spectre and Impurity - Nigel Mapp History and the Transcendental in Derrida and Adorno VOLUME TWO PART ONE: LOGICS OF DECONSTRUCTION Derrida and Self-Reference - Graham Priest Derrida on Rousseau - Christopher Norris Deconstruction as Philosophy of Logic PART TWO: SEMIOTIC DIFFERENCES Difference Unlimited - Barry Allen Le Texte Quatri[gr]eme - Fran[ci]cois Laruelle L'[ac]ev[ac]enement Comme Simulacre A Plague on Both Your Houses - Karen Green PART THREE: ITERABILITY AND MEANING With the Compliments of the Author - Stanley Fish Minimalist Semantics - S Pradhan Davidson and Derrida on Meaning, Use and Convention Iterability and Meaning - Frank Farrell The Searle-Derrida Debate Truth Conditions, Rhetoric and Logical Form - S Wheeler Davidson and Deconstruction PART FOUR: DIALOGUE, INTERPRETATION, POSTMODERNISM Destruktion and Deconstruction - Hans-Georg Gadamer Vigilance and Interruption - David Wood Derrida, Gadamer and the Limits of Dialogue The Other of Justice - Axel Honneth Habermas and the Ethical Challenge of Postmodernism Prospects for Thinking Reconstruction Postmetaphysically - Mariana Pastephanou Postmodernism minus the Quote Marks PART FIVE: KNOWLEDGE, REPRESENTATION, SIMULATION Derrida's Empirical Realism - Timothy Mooney Brain Writing and Derrida - Karen Green The Brain, the Mental Apparatus and the Text - Paul Cilliers PART SIX: NATURAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Complimentarity, Idealization and the Limits of Classical Conceptions of Reality - Arkady Plotnitsky Thinking Technicity - Richard Beardsworth Thinking Dia-Grams - Brian Rotman VOLUME THREE PART ONE: READING THE SUBJECT On Being with Others, Heidegger-Derrida-Wittgenstein - Simon Glendinning The Response of Ulysses - Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe PART TWO: METAPHOR AND TRANSLATION Metaphor and Philosophy - Michael Morris An Encounter with Derrida Quasi-Metaphoricity and the Question of Being - Gasch[ac]e Rodolphe Translation and Philosophy - Andrew Benjamin PART THREE: THE ART OF JUDGEMENT Derrida, Kant and the Performance of Parergonality - Irene Harvey The Frontier - Geoff Bennington Between Kant and Hegel Women on the Edge of Modernity - Diane Elam PART FOUR: FACTURE, FORM, EVENT Frank Stella and Jacques Derrida - Charles Altieri Toward a Postmodern Ethic of Singularity The Object of Post-Criticism - Gregory Ulmer PART FIVE: LITERATURE The Rhetoric of Blindness - Paul de Man Monsieur Texte - Geoffrey H Hartman PART SIX: MATTER, REPETITION AND FRAMING IN PSYCHOANALYSIS Projects for a Scientific Psychology - Elizabeth A Wilson Freud, Derrida and Connectionist Theories of Cognition The Pleasures of Repetition - Leo Bersani The Frame of Reference - Barbara Johnson Poe, Lacan and Derrida Derrida, Empiricism and the Postal Services - Marian Hobson VOLUME FOUR PART ONE: TRACES OF THE OTHER Neoplatonic Henology as an Overcoming of Metaphysics - Reiner Sch[um]urman The Trace of Levinas and Derrida - Robert Bernasconi Incommensurability and Otherness Revisited - Richard J Bernstein La Pens[ac]ee de l'[circumflex]Etre et la Question de l'Autre - E Levinas PART TWO: ETHICS AND ALTERITY Comment Ne Pas Manger - David Wood Deconstruction and Humanism The Other's Decision in Me - Simon Critchley What Are the Politics of Friendship? Given Time and the Gift of Life - John Protevi PART THREE: TEXTUALITY AND POWER Deconstruction and Social Theory - Michael Ryan The Case of Liberalism Subaltern Studies - Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak Deconstructing Historiography Crash Theory - Roy Boyne The Ubiquity of the Fetish at the End of Time PART FOUR: JUSTICE AND LEGALITY The Relevance of Time to the Relationship between the Philosophy of the Limit and Systems Theory - Drucilla Cornell Democracy and Difference - Seyla Benhabib Reflections on the Metapolitics of Lyotard and Derrida PART FIVE: ONTOLOGY AND SEXUAL DIFFERENCE Ontology and Equivocation - Elizabeth Grosz Derrida's Politics of Sexual Difference [ac]Eperon Strings - Robert Scholes Bodies That Matter - Judith Butler Somatic Compliance - Elizabeth A Wilson Feminism, Biology and Science PART SIX: MARXISM, SPECTRALITY AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER Marx's Purloined Letter - Frederic Jameson Marx without Marxism - Terry Eagleton Marx and Poststructuralist Philosophies of Difference - Eugene Holland A Global Theory of Global Politics, Mimetic War and the Spectral State - James der Derian

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書名 Jacques Derrida
著作者等 Norris, Christopher
Roden David
シリーズ名 Sage masters of modern social thought
巻冊次 v. 1
v. 2
v. 3
v. 4
出版元 SAGE
刊行年月 2003
版表示 4
ページ数 4 v.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0761949151
NCID BA60615007
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス