The development of African American English

Walt Wolfram and Erik R. Thomas ; in collaboration with Elaine W. Green ... [et al.]

This book focuses on one of the most persistent and controversial questions in modern sociolinguistics: the past and present development of African American Vernacular English (AAVE). Despite intense scrutiny of the historical and current development of AAVE, a number of issues remain unresolved. Most prominent among these is the development of African American English during the antebellum period and the trajectory of change in twentieth-century AAVE. This book addresses both of these issues by examining an unparalleled sociolinguistic situation involving a long-standing, isolated, biracial community situated in a distinctive dialect region of coastal North Carolina. This unique environment provides a venue for dealing with questions of localized dialect accommodation and ethnolinguistic distinctiveness in earlier African American English. The conclusions drawn challenge the Creolist, Anglicist, and neo-Anglicist positions with respect to the history of AAVE and offer insights into the development of African American speech in the twentieth century.

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  • Copula Absence in Hyde County. Third Person - S Marking. The Historical Development of Verbal - S Marking. Verbal - S Marking in Hyde County. Conclusion. 6. Vocalic Alignment in Hyde County: An Overview of Hyde County Vowels. The Historical Background of Hyde County Vowels. Quantitative Analysis of Hyde County Vowels. Conclusions. 7. Consonantal Alignment in Hyde County: Earlier Hyde County Consonants. The Case of Consonant Cluster Reduction. The Patterning of Cluster Reduction. The Case of Postvocalic r Vocalization. The Patterning of Postvocalic r-lessness. Post-/?/ r Vocalization. Conclusion. 8. Intonational Alignment in Hyde County English: African American and European American Intonation. Analytical Methods. Results and Implications. Conclusions. 9. The Individual and Group in Earlier African American English: The Individual and Group in Variation Studies. The Sample of Elderly African American Speakers. Some Diagnostic Variables. Rhoticity. Syllable-Coda Consonant Cluster Reduction. The Vowel System. Verbal - s Concord. Copula Absence. Past Tense be Leveling. Patterns of Correlation and Individuation. Variation in Earlier AAVE. 10. Beyond Hyde County: Te Past and Present Development of AAVE: The Origin of African American English. The Regional Context of Earlier African American English. Levels of Linguistic Alignment. The Trajectory of Language Change. The Norming of AAVE. Issues in Vernacular Dialect Norming. Vernacular Language Norming in Hyde County. Explaining the Supraregional Norms of Contemporary AAVE. Conclusion. References. Index.

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書名 The development of African American English
著作者等 Green, Elaine W.
Thomas, Erik R.
Wolfram, Walt
Thomas Erik
シリーズ名 Language in society
出版元 Blackwell
刊行年月 2002
ページ数 xv, 237 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 0631230866
NCID BA5744763X
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス