The neurophysics of human behavior : explorations at the interface of brain, mind, behavior, and information

Mark Evan Furman, Fred P. Gallo

How do brain, mind, matter, and energy interact? Can we create a comprehensive model of the mind and brain, their interactions, and their influences? Synthesizing research from neuroscience, physics, biology, systems science, information science, psychology, and the cognitive sciences, The Neurophysics of Human Behavior advances a unified theory of brain, mind, behavior and information. This groundbreaking work helps you more deeply understand, more accurately predict, and more effectively change human behavior - a significant contribution to the fields of psychology, education, medicine, communications, and human relations. Cognitive neurophysics, as detailed in this work, presents an integrated perspective of brain, mind, behavior, thoughts, and nature. The distinguished authors emphasize the need to view psychological science - and our image of the "self" - in the context of the physical world: matter, energy, and natural laws. NeuroPrint is the powerful application model of this perspective. This comprehensive, detailed algorithm defines the network of interactions that develop brain, mind, behavior, thoughts, and emotions and redefines the meaning of psychotherapeutic intervention. The Neurophysics of Human Behavior gives the background, tools, and methods for intervention and modeling. It outlines the systematic, behavioral approach of NeuroPrint, promising to promote a deep understanding of the process of human change. Using The Neurophysics of Human Behavior, practitioners and researchers can plot and gauge the paths of change in neurocognitive dynamics and the improvements in mental health.

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  • Introduction THE STANDARD THEORY: PATTERN-ENTROPY DYNAMICS OF MATTER AND ENERGY INTERACTION The Five Missing Pieces: Advances Toward a Unified Science of Neuro-Cognitive Intervention The Ubiquity of Pattern in Man and Nature: Exploring the Fundamental Properties of Brain, Mind, Behavior, Information and Change Hidden Order and the Origins of Pattern: Thermodynamics, Pattern, and the Human Brain Memetics: The Behavior of Information Patterns The Life of the Mind: Infogenesis and Information Translation in the Language of Pattern NEUROPRINT AND THE STANDARD THEORY OF PATTERN-ENTROPY DYNAMICS NeuroPrint -- Purpose and Preliminaries Developing a NeuroPrint of Cognitive Neurodynamics NeuroPrint Analysis: Understanding Cognitive-Neurodynamics Intervention and Change Appendix I, Understanding Cognitive-Neurodynamic States, Experiences, and Cognitive Phenomena Appendix 2, Submodal Behaviors (Submodalities) Appendix 3, Classification and Organization of Intervention Tools and Methods: NLP, Eye Movement Methods, and Energy Psychology Appendix 4, NeuroPrint Templates for Data Collection and Organization TOOLS FOR INTERVENTION: MODELING, INFLUENCING, AND CHANGING COGNITIVE-NEURODYNAMICS I. Preliminary Considerations for Modeling Human Expertise The Science and Practice of Human Performance Modeling and Engineering 2. Performance Modeling and Tools of Intervention Neuro-Cognitive Modeling: The Art and Science of Capturing the Invisible Foundations of Neuro-Cognitive Modeling: Eye Movement, A Window to the Brain 3. Information Processing, Representation, Organization, and Destabilization in the Human Brain Neocortical Dynamics of Persuasion and Influence Submodalities, Cognitive-Neurodynamics, and Change Neocortical Dynamics of Metaphor The Neurophysics of Hypnosis 4. Performance Engineering: Tools and Principles of Neurocognitive Pattern Modification Life, Death, and Anchoring Neurophysics and the Principles of Anchoring Neurophysics, Self-Organization, and Anchoring Epilogue 5. Glossary of Neurophysics, Nonlinear Science, and Dynamical Systems Terminology Glossary Suggested Readings and Resource Guide Index

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書名 The neurophysics of human behavior : explorations at the interface of brain, mind, behavior, and information
著作者等 Gallo, Fred P.
Furman Mark E.
Furman Mark Evan
出版元 CRC Press
刊行年月 c2000
ページ数 355 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9780849313080
NCID BA50718240
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国