Charles Darwin : interviews and recollections

edited by Harold Orel

Special emphasis falls on Darwin's family background and education; his eagerness to join H.M.S.Beagle as a naturalist, and his relationship to its Captain, Robert Fitz-Roy; his friendships with eminent Victorian scientists; and his final years at Down, his country home, where he worked on despite serious illness. Darwin's vigorous data-collecting, and the conclusions that he drew from his own massively-documented studies in anthropology, biology, botany, and geology, as well as an enormous body of correspondence with scientists in England and abroad, as well as his close study of publications that recorded the best scientific research of his century, swiftly (and permanently) earned him the respect of his peers. Darwin remains a dominant figure in all histories of science, and we need to know him better.

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  • Introduction Charles Darwin, 'Preliminary Notice' Charles Darwin, 'An Autobiographical Fragment' Charles Darwin, 'The Early Years', 'The Walking Tour in North Wales' Charles Darwin, 'Joining Captain Fitz-Roy on H.M.S. Beagle' Robert Fitz-Roy, 'Darwin Helps Save the Lifeboats of H.M.S. Beagle' Sir Bartholomew James Sulivan, 'Impressions of Charles Darwin' Darwin as a Welcome Guest, in Harriet Martineau's Autobiography 'Owen Studies a Darwin Specimen', in The Life of Richard Owen Charles Darwin, 'The Death of Anne Elizabeth Darwin' Alfred Russel Wallace, 'A Developing Friendship with Darwin' 'Adam Sedwick's Reaction to The Origin of Species', in The Life and Letters of the Reverend Adam Sedgwick 'The Quarrel Between Owen and Darwin', in The Life of Richard Owen 'A Great Friendship', in Life and Letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker 'Sir Charles Lyell and The Origin of Species', in Life, Letters and Journals of Sir Charles Lyell, Bart. 'A Family Friend Comments of The Origin of Species', in Harriet Martineau's Letters to Fanny Wedgwood 'A Philosopher Comments on The Origin of Species', in An Autobiography by Herbert Spencer 'Henslow Comments on Marriage, and on Sedgwick's Attack Against Darwin', in Darwin and Henslow/The Growth of an Idea/Letters 1831-1860 'The Great Debate' in Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley 'How Darwin Encouraged Galton', in Memories of My Life, by Francis Galton 'A Character Sketch by Darwin's Son', in The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin 'The Deaths of Erasmus and Charles Darwin', in Life and Letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker Thomas Henry Huxley, 'Charles Darwin', Thomas Henry Huxley, 'The Darwin Memorial'

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書名 Charles Darwin : interviews and recollections
著作者等 Orel, Harold
Darwin Charles
出版元 St. Martin's Press;Macmillan Press
刊行年月 2000
ページ数 xii, 231 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 0333727568
NCID BA5012010X
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国