Nature, culture, morals, ethics

Edited by Jessop, Bob

This collection addresses fundamental themes in Marx's social and political thought. It covers key controversies in the analysis of Marx's overall intellectual development, the influence of Hegel, the Marx-Engels relationship, the validity of historical materialism, the significance of class and class struggle, the state and political parties, and reform and revolution. It also addresses Marx's work as historian, anthropologist, student of time and space, social psychologist, social interactionist, and literary scholar. It also covers debates regarding Marx's views on technological determinism: *national identity *nationalism, and cosmopolitanism *cities and citizenship *welfare and human rights *science and ideology *patriarchy and the family *gender and sexual orientations *culture and religion *alienation and fetishism *justice in capitalism and communism. Bob Jessop provides an extended general introduction and also summarizes and interrelates the various articles at the start of each volume. Contributors adopt a wide range of approaches and cover some sixty years of analysis.

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  • Problems of Psychology in the Works of Karl Marx S.L. Rubinstein [1934] Studies in Soviet ThoughtPure Capitalism and the Disappearance of the Middle Class A.L. Harris [1939] Journal of Political EconomyThe 'Withering Away' of the State S.F. Bloom [1946] Journal of the History of IdeasThe Marxist Criticism of Literature S.E. Hyman [1947] The Antioch ReviewThe Cunning of Reason in Hegel and Marx R. Tucker [1956] Review of PoliticsBakunin's Controversy with Marx: An Analysis of the Tensions Within Modern Socialism D.C. Hodges [1960] American Journal of Economics and SociologyThe Marxist Theory of Art History. Socio-Economic Determinism and the Dialectical Process T. Munro [1960] Journal of Aesthetics and Art CriticismMarx and the 'Asiatic Mode of Production' G. Lichtheim [1963] St Antony's PapersKarl Marx on Secular and Social Development: A Study in Sociology of 19th Century Social Science B.F. Hoselitz [1964] Comparative Studies in Society and HistoryMarx, Engels and Lenin on Justice: The Critique of the Gotha Program K. Nielsen [1964] Studies in Soviet ThoughtEngels' Contribution to Marxism D.C. Hodges [1965] Socialist RegisterWorker and Fatherland: A Note on a Passage in the Communist Manifesto R. Rosdolsky [1965] Science and Society'Anthropological Nature' in Feuerbach and Marx J. Barnhart [1967] Philosophy TodayRoles, Masks and Characters: A Contribution to Marx's Idea of the Role E. Urbanek [1967] Social Research Bourgeois and Proletarians G.A. Cohen [1968] Journal of the Philosophy of IdeasThe Enlightenment and Marxism S. Hook [1968] Journal of the History of IdeasThe Intellectual Sources of Karl Marx E. Kauder [1968] KyklosMarx's Conception of the Revolutionary Proletariat H. Lubasz [1969] PraxisMarx and Engels on Womens Liberation H. Draper [1970] International SocialismIs There a Marxian Ethic? The Fact-Value Distinction B. Ollman [1971] Science and SocietyThe Works of Marx and Engels in Ethnology Compared L. Krader [1973] International Review of Social HistoryMarx on Species-Being and Social Essence P. Santilli [1973] Studies in Soviet thoughtMarx on Ideology and Art O. Werckmeister [1973] New Literary HistoryMarx, Engels and Duhring R. Adamiak [1974] Journal of the History of IdeasOn Marx's Attitude to Colonialism O. Oculi [1974] African ReviewKarl Marx on the Economic Role of Science N. Rosenberg [1974] Journal of Political EconomyMarx and Welfare R. Mishra [1974] Sociological ReviewMarx's Historical Concept of Ideology and Science E. Sprinzak [1975] Politics and SocietyThe Marxist View of Man and Psychoanalysis J. Kovel [1976] Social ResearchOn the Concept of Politics in the Early Work of Marx H. Mewes [1976] Social ResearchAnarchism and Authority in Marx's Socialist Politics E. Rapaport [1976] European Journal of SociologyMarx as a Student of Technology N. Rosenberg [1976] Monthly ReviewAspects of Freedom of Writing and Expression in Hegel and Marx S. Avineri [1977] Social Theory and PracticeThe Bourgeois and Other Villains P.E. Corcoran [1977] Journal of the History of IdeasIs there a Marxist Theory of the State? N. Bobbio [1978] TelosSystem and Class: the Subversion of Emancipation J.L. Cohen [1978] Social ResearchThe Metaphysics of Law: An Essay on the Very Young Marx D.R. Kelley [1978] American Historical ReviewMarx: From One Visio

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書名 Nature, culture, morals, ethics
著作者等 Jessop, Bob
Wheatley, Russell
シリーズ名 Critical assessments of leading political philosophers
出版元 Routledge
刊行年月 1999
ページ数 xxviii, 716 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0415193265
NCID BA42076002
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス