The Victorian Age : an anthology of sources and documents

Josephine M. Guy

The Victorian Age introduces students of nineteenth-century literary and cultural history to the main areas of intellectual debate in the Victorian period. Bringing together for the first time in one volume a wide range of primary source material, this anthology gives readers a unique insight into the ways in which different areas of Victorian intellectual debate were interconnected. The Victorian Age covers developments in social and political theory, economics, science and religion, aesthetics, and sexuality and gender, and provides access to a range of documents which have hitherto been highly inaccessible - both difficult to locate and difficult to interpret and understand. This authoritative anthology contains: * a general introduction which explains the various ways in which the relationships between literary and intellectual culture can be theorised * essays describing the background to the areas of debate illustrated by the selected source documents * bibliographical notes on all the documents included * brief accounts of the reputation and career of the documents' authors. This volume will enable humanities students, as well as the general reader, to understand complex areas of debates in an unusually wide range of disciplines, several of which will be unfamiliar.

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  • List of Illustrations. Introduction. A Note on the Texts. A Note on Annotation. Part 1. Defining Society - Ethics, Economics and Politics. 1. Theories of Social Life: Utilitarianism, Communitarianism, Organicism From 'Introduction to the The Principles of Morals and Legislation' (1789
  • 1830) Jeremy Bentham, From 'Utilitarianism' (1861) John Stuart Mill, From 'An Examination of the Utilitarian Philosophy' (1870) John Grote, From 'Report to the County of Lanark' (1821) Robert Owen, From 'Art IV. The Social Organsim' (1860) Herbert Spencer 2.Theories of the Market: Political Economy, Marginal Utility Theory, Socialist Economics From 'On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation' (1817
  • 1821) David Ricardo, From 'On the Definition of Political Economy' (1836) John Stuart Mill, From 'The Postulates of English Political Economy' (1876) Walter Bagehot, From 'The Theory of Political Economy' (1871) William Stanely Jevons, From 'England for All: The Text-Book of Democracy' (1881) Henry Mayers Hyndman 3. Politics and Representation: Authoritarianism, Liberalism, Socialism From 'Chartism' (1840) Thomas Carlyle, From 'Anarchy and Authority' (1868) Matthew Arnold, From 'On Liberty' (1859) John Stuart Mill, The Manifesto of the Socialist League Part 2. Science and Religion 1. God and Nature: Evolutionary Theory From 'Principles of Geology' (1830) Charles Lyell, From 'On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection' (1859) Charles Darwin, From 'Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature' (1863) Thomas Henry Huxley, From 'Art VII. On the Origin of Species ... ' (1860) Samuel Wilberforce, From 'The Study of Sociology. XIV. Preparation in Biology' (1873), Herbert Spencer 2. God and Reason: Biblical Scholarship From 'On the Interpretation of Scripture' (1860) Benjamin Jowett, From 'The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined' (1862), John William Colenso Part 3. Art and Culture 1. Art as Morality From 'The Stones of Venice. Volume II' John Ruskin, From 'The Functions of Criticism at the Present Time' (1864) Matthew Arnold 2. Art for Art's Sake From 'Notes on Poems and Reviews' (1866) Algernon Charles Swinburne, From 'Studies in the History of the Renaissance' (1873) Walter Pater, From 'The Decay of Lying' (1889) Oscar Wilde, From 'The Symbolist Movement in Literature' (1899) Arthur Symons 3. Art as Pathology From 'Degeneration' (1895) Max Nordau 4. Art and the State From 'Art Under Plutocracy' (1884) William Morris, From 'Life in Poetry: Law in Taste' (1901) William John Courthope Part 4. Sex and Gender 1. Defining the Norm From 'The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Organs' (1857) William Acton, From 'Man and Woman: A Study of Hu

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書名 The Victorian Age : an anthology of sources and documents
著作者等 Guy, Josephine M.
出版元 Routledge
刊行年月 1998
ページ数 vii, 632 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 0415185556
NCID BA37334164
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス