Algorithmic number theory : third international symposium, ANTS-III, Portland, Oregon, USA, June 21-25, 1998 : proceedings

J.P. Buhler (ed.)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Algorithmic Number Theory, ANTS-III, held in Portland, Oregon, USA, in June 1998. The volume presents 46 revised full papers together with two invited surveys. The papers are organized in chapters on gcd algorithms, primality, factoring, sieving, analytic number theory, cryptography, linear algebra and lattices, series and sums, algebraic number fields, class groups and fields, curves, and function fields.

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  • Invited Talk 1: Shimura Curve Computations Noam D. Elkies (Harvard University) Invited Talk 2: The Decision Diffie-Hellman Problem Dan Boneh (Stanford University) GCD Algorithms Parallel Implementation of Schonhages Integer GCD Algorithm Giovanni Cesari (Universita degli Studi di Trieste) The Complete Analysis of the Binary Euclidean Algorithm Brigitte Vallee (Universite de Caen) Primality Cyclotomy Primality Proving -- Recent Developments Preda Mihailescu (FingerPIN AG & ETH, Institut fur wissentschaftliches Rechnen) Primality Proving Using Elliptic Curves: An Update F. Morain (Laboratoire d informatique de l'Ecole Polytechnique) Factoring Bounding Smooth Integers (extended abstract) Daniel J. Bernstein (The University of Illinois at Chicago) Factorization of the Numbers of the Form m 3 + c 2 m 2 + c 1 m+ c 0 Zhang Mingzhi (Sichuan Union University) Modelling the Yield of Number Field Sieve Polynomials Brian Murphy (Australian National University) A Montgomery-Like Square Root for the Number Field Sieve Phong Nguyen (Ecole Normale Superieure) Sieving Robert Bennions Hopping Sieve William F. Galway (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Trading Time for Space in Prime Number Sieves Jonathan P. Sorenson (Butler University) Analytic Number Theory Do Sums of 4 Biquadrates Have a Positive Density? Jean-Marc Deshouillers, Francois Hennecart, Bernard Landreau (Universite Bordeaux) New Experimental Results Concerning the Goldbach Conjecture J-M. Deshouillers (Universite Bordeaux), H.J.J. te Riele (CWI), Y. Saouter (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse) Dense Admissible Sets Daniel M. Gordon, Gene Rodemich (Center for Communications Research) An Analytic Approach to Smooth Polynomials over Finite Fields Daniel Panario (University of Toronto), Xavier Gourdon (INRIA), Philippe Flajolet (INRIA) Cryptography Generating a Product of Three Primes with an Unknown Factorization Dan Boneh, Jeremy Horwitz (Stanford University) On the Performance of SignatureSchemes Based on Elliptic Curves Erik De Win (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Serge Mister (Queens University) Bart Preneel (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Michael Wiener (Entrust Technologies) NTRU: A Ring-Based Public Key Cryptosystem Jeffrey Hoffstein, Jill Pipher, Joseph H. Silverman (Brown University) Finding Length-3 Positive Cunningham Chains and their Cryptographic Significance Adam Young (Columbia University), Moti Yung (CertCo) Linear Algebra, Lattices Reducing Ideal Arithmetic to Linear Algebra Problems Stefan Neis (Darmstadt University of Technology) Evaluation of Linear Relations between Vectors of a Lattice in Euclidean Space I. A. Semaev An Efficient Parallel Block-Reduction Algorithm Susanne Wetzel (Universitat des Saarlandes) Series, Sums Fast Multiprecision Evaluation of Series of Rational Numbers Bruno Haible (ILOF), Thomas Papanikolaou (Laboratoire A2X) A Problem Concerning a Character Sum --- Extended Abstract E. Teske (Technische Universitat Darmstadt), H.C. Williams (University of Manitoab) Formal Power Series and Their Continued Fraction Expansion Alf van der Poorten (Centre for Number Theory Research) Algebraic Number Fields Imprimitive Octic Fields with Small Discriminants Henri Cohen, Francisco Diaz y Diaz, Michel Olivier (Universite Bordeaux I) A Table of Totally Complex Number Fields of Small Discriminants Henri Cohen, Francisco Diaz y Diaz, Michel Olivier (Universite Bordeaux I) Generating Arithmetically Equivalent Number Fields with Elliptic Curves Bart de Smit (Rijksuniversiteit Leiden) Computing the Lead Term of an Abelian L-Function David S. Dummit (University of Vermont), Brett A. Tangedal (College of Charleston Timing Analysis of Targeted Hunter Searches John W. Jones (Arizona State University), David P. Roberts (Rutgers University) On Successive Minima of Rings of Algebraic Integers Jacques Martinet (Universite Bordeaux I) Class Groups and Fields Computation of Relative Quadratic Class Groups Henri Cohen, Francisco Diaz y

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書名 Algorithmic number theory : third international symposium, ANTS-III, Portland, Oregon, USA, June 21-25, 1998 : proceedings
著作者等 Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium
Buhler, Joe. P.
Buhler Joe P.
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in computer science
出版元 Springer
刊行年月 1998
ページ数 x, 640 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 3540646574
ISSN 03029743
NCID BA36523660
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言語 英語
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