Mathematical essays in honor of Gian-Carlo Rota

Bruce E. Sagan, Richard P. Stanley, editors


  • Rotafest prgramme
  • MacMahon's partition analysis - I the lecture hall partition theorem, George E.Andrews
  • the cd-index of zonotypes and arrangements, Louis J. Billera, Richard Ehrenbor and margar Readdy
  • letter-place methods and homotopy, David A. Buchsbaum
  • classification of trivectors in 6-D space, Wendy Chan
  • parameter augmentation for basic hypergeometric series I, William Y.C. Chen and Zhi-Guo Liu
  • unities and negation, Henry crapo and Claude le conte de Poly-Barbut
  • the would-be meth of targeted rings, ottavio M. D'Antona
  • lattice walks and primary decomposition, Persi diaconis, Dav Eisenbud and Bernd Sturmfels
  • natural exponential families and umbral calculus, A. di Bucchianico a D.E. Loeb
  • umbral calculus in hilbert space, A.di Bucchianico, D.E. Loeb and Gian-Carlo Rota
  • a strategy for determining polynomial orthogonality, J.M. Freeman
  • plethystic formulas and positivity q,t-kosta coefficinets, A.M. Garsia and J. Remmel
  • an alternative evaluation of the Andrews-Burge determinant, C. Krattenthaler
  • the number of points in a combinatorial geometry with no 8-point-line minors, Joseph E. Bonin and Joseph P.S. Kung
  • umbral shifts and symmetric functions of schur type, Miguel A. Mendez
  • an axiomization for cubic algebras, Colin Bailey and Joseph Oliveira
  • an elementar proof of Roichman's rule for irreducible characters of Iwahori-Hecke algebras of type A, Arun Ram
  • universal constructions in umbral calculus, Nigel Ray
  • hyperplane arrangements, parking functions an tree inversions, Richard P. Stanley
  • more orthogonal polynomials as moments, Mourad E.H. Ismail and Dennis Stanton
  • more orthogonal ploynomials as moments, Mourad E.H. Ismail and Dennis Stanton
  • difference equations via the classical umbral calculus, Brian D. Taylor
  • an analogy in geometric homology - rigidity and cofactors on geometric graphs, Walter Whiteley
  • the umbral calculus and identities for hypergeometric functions with special arguments, Jet Wimp
  • apologies to T.S. Eliot - rota nerds, J.S. Yang.

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  • MacMahon's Partition Analysis: I. The Lecture Hall Partition Theorem.- The cd-Index of Zonotopes and Arrangements.- Letter-Place Methods and Homotopy.- Classification of Trivectors in 6-D Space.- Parameter Augmentation for Basic Hypergeometric Series, I.- Unities and Negation.- The Would-Be Method of Targeted Rings.- Lattice Walks and Primary Decomposition.- Natural Exponential Families and Umbral Calculus.- Umbral Calculus in Hilbert Space.- A Strategy for Determining Polynomial Orthogonality.- Plethystic Formulas and Positivity for q, t-Kostka Coefficients.- An Alternative Evaluation of the Andrews-Burge Determinant.- The Number of Points in a Combinatorial Geometry with No 8-Point-Line Minors.- Umbral Shifts and Symmetric Functions of Schur Type.- An Axiomization for Cubic Algebras.- An Elementary Proof of Roichman's Rule for Irreducible Characters of Iwahori-Hecke Algebras of Type A.- Universal Constructions in Umbral Calculus.- Hyperplane Arrangements, Parking Functions and Tree Inversions.- More Orthogonal Polynomials as Moments.- Difference Equations via the Classical Umbral Calculus.- An Analogy in Geometric Homology: Rigidity and Cofactors on Geometric Graphs.- The Umbral Calculus and Identities for Hypergeometric Functions with Special Arguments.- Apologies to T.S. Eliot: The Rota Nerds.

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書名 Mathematical essays in honor of Gian-Carlo Rota
著作者等 Rota, Gian-Carlo
Sagan, Bruce Eli
Stanley, Richard P
Stanley R. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA)
Sagan Bruce E.
シリーズ名 Progress in mathematics
出版元 Birkhäuser
刊行年月 c1998
ページ数 ix, 463 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 3764338725
NCID BA35830391
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国