International handbook of education and development : preparing schools, students, and nations for the twenty-first century

edited by William K. Cummings and Noel F. McGinn

This handbook brings together in one volume an international panel of authors who tackle the topic of the dissatisfaction with education systems worldwide. This collection of chapters attempts to provide a comprehensive definition of the reasons for discontent. Split into two parts, the first part begins with descriptions of the origins of the modern system of public education in various countries and regions. Emphasis is put on the engineering of public education to respond to political and economic requirements of the State. This is followed by a description of how changes in the requirements of the State have led to efforts to adjust to modern education, without radical transformation. The second part describes radical changes in the foundation and structure of life and thought in modern societies, and then argues that education systems must be transformed radically in order to serve changed societies.

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  • Section I. Modern Education Reformed . Introduction. The Construction and Diffusion of the Modern School. The Nation-state, citizenship, and educational change: institutionalization and globalization (F. Ramirez). Patterns of modern education (W.K. Cummings). A reassessment of education, language, and cultural imperialism: British colonialism in India and Africa (A.K. Arnove, R.F. Arnove). Education and decolonization: comparative perspectives on change and continuity (M. Bray). The diffusion of modern education (J. Williams). The role of foundations, bilateral, and international organizations in the difussion of the modern school (E.H. Berman). The school, the community, and development: and essay on dysfunctional attachment (M. Basile). Reforming Modern Education - General Issues. Teaching and /or learning: reform of educational structures and modalities (T. Husen). Reforms of the governance of education: centralization and decentralizaton (A. Riddell). Teacher preparation for post-modern schools: the necessary integration of training and education (L. Anderson). Reconstructing teacher education for disadvantaged populations (M.T. Tatto). Moral education, civic education and the modern school (E. Villegas-Reimers). The place of science and mathematics education in development (R. Murray Thomas). Refocusing school language policy discussions (Zeynep Beykont). Policy borrowing in education (D. Phillips). Reforming Modern Education - Issues in Specific Countries. The origins and problems of education reforms in the United States (R. Elmore). The relentless nature of American education reform (J. Guthrie, J. E. Koppich). Quality of equality: Scandinavian education towards the year 2000 (A. Tjeldvoll). Reforming modern education: Russia (O.B. Bain). Educational reform in Japan (Ikuo Amano). Higher education reform and science and technology in China (J.N. Hawkins). The meaning of decentralization: looking at the case of China (Cheng Kai-ming). Long term, educational planning in developing societies: the 25-year educational plan in Indonesia (Boediono, D. Adams). Reform imperatives in Islamic education in developing countries (I.A. Bajunid). Education for all (M. Ahmed). The Changing Relationship Between Education and Development. Changing concepts of aid and development (R. Riddell). Educations's role in empowering the poor to alleviate their poverty (M. Zachariah). Development: costs, alternatives (D. Goulet). Section II. Modern Education Replaced . Introduction. Changes in the Environment for Education. Changes in the political and economic environment. Supranational organizations and their impact on nation-states and the modern school (N.F. McGinn). Free trade and education (V. Rust). Non-governmental organizations and the state (M. Chen). Educational development in a strong-developmentalist state: the Singapore experience (S. Gopinathan). Work, Family and Community. Educational repercussions of a global system of production (L. Ilon).

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書名 International handbook of education and development : preparing schools, students, and nations for the twenty-first century
著作者等 Cummings, William K.
McGinn, Noel F.
Cimming, W.
出版元 Elsevier Science
刊行年月 c1997
ページ数 xii, 907 p.
大きさ 26 cm
ISBN 0080430678
NCID BA34043303
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス