The European tradition  v. 1 ~ v. 4

edited by Raymond Boudon, Mohamed Cherkaoui, Jeffrey Alexander

This four-volume set presents an unrivalled collection of the key literature in European sociology. The prestigious texts range across the European tradition from enlightenment to contemporary theory. The collection explodes the myth that the European tradition in sociology is a debate with the ghosts of Karl Marx and Max Weber, demonstrating that the tradition is far more deeply rooted and broadly based. Volume 1 is devoted to the emergence of European sociology. The contribution of classical political economy and the Enlightenment is examined. Commentaries on the work of Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Taine, Rousseau, de Tocqueville, Comte and St. Simon are included. The volume creates a vivid and compelling picture of the origins of European sociology. Volume 2 covers the rise of the classical period in social theory. It includes commentaries on the contribution of Marx, Spencer, Dilthey, Weber, Durkheim and Simmel. An overview of the main contributions of the founding fathers is also included. Volume 3 moves on to explore the main developments in the first half of the twentieth century.The contributions of the Durkheimian Tradition, Mauss, Mannheim, Lukacs, Gramsci and British sociology are presented. The volume provides a synoptic view of the diversity and emerging complexity of European sociology. Volume 4 identifies the main developments from post-industrial theory to the present day. The volume includes commentaries on the work of Aron, Foucault, Habermas, Giddens, Bourdieu, Boudon and Gellner. Selections on structuralism, polysemy, the positivist dispute and the neo-liberal tradition widen out the picture. The collection is the benchmark work for understanding the history, contribution and dilemmas of the European tradition. Full account is taken of the reference needs of students as well as of academics. Each hardcover volume of 416 pages is bound to the highest standards. The lettering on the cover is gold embossed. The slip case for the four volumes is also embossed. The volumes are not available separately.

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  • THE EUROPEAN TRADITION VOLUME I: THE EMERGENCE OF EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGY: I - FROM THE ENLIGHTENMENT TO THE FOUNDING FATHERS (1700-1880) Editor's Introduction - Raymond Boudon THE ENLIGHTENMENT Extract from The Philosophy of Enlightenment - Ernst Cassirer The Enlightenment and the Birth of the Social Sciences - Pater Hamilton On Thomas Hobbes - C B Macpherson from The Political Theory of Possessive Individualism On John Locke - Peter Laslett Introduction to Two Treatises of Government On Petty and S[um]ussmilch - Paul Lazarsfeld Notes on the History of Quantification in Sociology I: IN SEARCH OF ORIGINS AND PRINCIPLES On Montesquieu - Louis Althusser On Montesquieu - Emile Durkheim Gibbon - Roy Porter Making History On Rousseau - Emile Durkhiem from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, La Transparance de l'Obstacle - Jean Starobinski On the Scottish School - Louis Schneidre from The Scottish Moralists Origins of Sociology - A Swingewood The Case of the Scottish Enlightenment II: MATHEMATICS AND SOCIOLOGY extract from Condorcet, Natural Philosophy to Social Mathematics - K M Baker extract from Condorcet, La Mesure de l'Etat: Administrateurs et G[ac]eom[gr]etres - Eric Briand Quetelet extract from Notes on the History of Quantification in Sociology - Paul Lazarsfeld Quetelet extract from The Rise of Statistical Thinking - T M Porter III: "IDEALOGUES" AND SOCIAL OBSERVERS On Les Id[ac]eologues - Johan Heilbron from The Rise of Social Theory Villerm[ac]e and the Social Observers - B P L[ac]ecuyer from Pour Une Hisoire De La Statistique Conservatism - Robert Nisbet IV ALAIN DE TOCQUEVILLE Id[ac]ees Politiques de Tocqueville - Raymond Aron from Etapes de la Pens[ac]ee Sociologique Tocqueville - J C Lamberti from Tocquevulle et les Deux D[ac]emocraties Le Pouvoir Social - Raymond Boudon Variations sur un th[gr]eme de Tocqueville Extract from The Cognitivist Model, An Example from de Tocqueville - Raymond Boudon V: UTILITARIANISM AND POSITIVISM On Saint Simon - F Manuel from The Prophets of Paris A Comte - Annie Petit from A Comte et la Politique Scientifique Utilitarianism - Hal[ac]evy from La Formation du Radicalisme Philosophique VI: FROM THE UTOPIAN SOCIALISTS TO MARX Proudhon sa vie son oeuvre - G Gurvitch Marxism and Sociology - Tom Bottomore Extract from Karl Marx's Theory of History: A Defence - G A Cohen VII: EVOLUTIONISM AND SOCIAL DARWINISM Extract from Herbert Spencer - J Peel Herbert Spencer - Raymond Boudon from A Critical Dictionary of Sociology Social Darwinism and English Thought - Greta Jones Social Darwinism - R C Bannister VIII: NEO-KANTISM AND THE SPECIFICITY OF THE GEISTESWISSENSCHAFTEN Wilhelm Dilthey and the Neo-Kantism - Rudolf Makkreel The Distinction of the Geisteswissenschaften and the Kulturwissinschaften On Rickert - Ernst Cassirer From Das Erkenntnisproblem in der Philosophie und Wissenschaft der neueren Zeit VOLUME II: THE EMERGENCE OF EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGY: II - THE CLASSICAL TRADITION (1880-1920) Editors' Introduction - Raymond Boudon I: MAX WEBER Max Weber - G[um]unther Roth A Bibliographical Essay Max Weber as a Critic of Marxism - Wolfgang J Mommsen Max Webers Fragestellung - Wilhem Hennis from L'[ac]ethique Protestante de Max Weber - Annette Disselkamp De-Parsonizing Weber - Jere Cohen et al A Critique of Parson's Interpretation of Weber's Sociology II: EMILE DURKHEIM Prolegomena to the Interpretation of Durkheim - Steven Lukes Changement Social et Anomie - Mohamed Cherkaoui Essai de formalisation de la th[ac]eorie durkheimienne Modes d'Emploi du Suicide - P Besnard Int[ac]egration et r[ac]egulation dans la th[ac]eorie durkheimienne Durkheim on Religion Revisited - T Parsons Another Look at the Elementary Forms of the Religious Life III: GEORG SIMMEL Georg Simmel - David Frisby First Sociologist of Modernity Simmel, Rationalisation and the Sociology of Money - Bryan S Turner The Problems of the Philosophy of History - Raymond Boudon IV: PARETO AND THE ELITIST SCHOOL from Pareto: La Naissance d'une Autre Sociologie - B Valade Introduction [gr]a la Sociologe de Pareto - Busino, Giovanni Un [ac]Elitisme Technocratique et Lib[ac]eral - Carlo Lottieri l'autorit[ac]e et l'etzat selon Mosca From Socialism to Fascism - David Beetham The Relation Between Theoryr and Practice in the Work of Robert Michels V: THE EMERGENCE OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Histoire de psychologies sociales perdues. Le cas de Gabriel Tarde - Ian Lubeek Gustave Le Bon - Yvon Thiek Proph[gr]ete de L'irrationnalisme de masse Introduction to Gabriel Tarde on Communication and Social Influence - Terry Clark Friedrich Toennies - Y Atoji from Sociology at the Turn of the Century VI: THE GERMAN METHODENSTREIT Der Methodenstreit in den Sozialwissenschaften zwischen Gustav Schmoller und Carl Menger - R Hansen Schmoller versus Menger - G Ritzel Werner Sombart 1863-1941. Eine Einf[um]uhring in Leben, Werk un Wirkung - Bernhard vom Brocke VII: OTHER SCHOOLS AND CURRENTS IN THE EUROPEAN TRADITION Les Continuateurs de Le Play au tour du si[gr]ecle - Savoy, A Le Play - Bodard from The Heritage of Sociology Ren[ac]e Worms - Roger Geiger L'organicisme et l'organisation de la sociologie Between Literature and Science - W Lepenmies The Rise of Sociology VOLUME III: EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGY IN THE 20TH CENTURY: I - MODERNITY AND ITS DISCONTENTS (1920 - 1960) Editor's Introduction - Raymond Boudon I: THE DURKHEIMIAN SCHOOL The Ann[ac]ee Sociologique Team - P Besnard The Durkheimians in Academe - Yictor Karady A Reconsideration An Intellectual Self-Portrait - Marcel Mauss La Sociologie [ac]economique - Philippe Steiner II: SOCIOLOGY AND PHENOMENOLOGY The Dual Vision - R A Gorman Alfred Sch[um]tz and the Myth of Phenomenological Social Science Karl Mannheim and the Production of a Relationist Sociology of Knowledge - Peter Hamilton Max Scheler - John Staude An Intellectual Portrait III: NEO-MARXISM AND REVISIONISM Georg Luk[ac]acs - David Frisby From Reification to the Critique of Ideology Austro-Marxism - Tom Bottomore The Emergence of Sociology in Austria 1885 - 1935 - John Torrance Gramsci and Marxist Theory - Chantal Mouffe IV: FRANKFURT VERSUS K[UM]OLN: THE INSTIUT F[UM]UR SOZIALFORSCHUNG VERSUS THE FORSCHUNGSINSTITUT F[UM]UR SOZIALWISSENSCHAFTEN from Die Stiftungsuniversit[um]at Frankfurt am Main - Paul Kluke Leopold von Wiese und das Forschungsinstitut f[um]ur Socailwissenschaften in K[um]oln - Tom Bottomore V: SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIALISM: BRITISH SOCIOLOGY Between Literature and Science - W Lepennies The Rise of Sociology The Sociological Society and the Genesis of Academic Sociology in Britain - R J Halliday Continuity and Instititionalization in Science - Stephen Cole A Case Study of Failure from Talcott Parsons: The Structure of Social Action - Marshall THE EUROPEAN TRADITION VOLUME IV: EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGY IN THE 20TH CENTURY: II - FROM POST-INDUSTRIALISM TO POST-MODERNISM (1960-1995) Editor's Introduction - Raymond Boudon I: GROUPS AND INSTITUTIONS IN POST-WAR RECONSTRUCTION The Political Thought of Neo-Liberalism - C J Friedrich Chronique de la Sociologie Fran[ce]aise apr[gr]es 1945 - Jacques Lautman The Modern Social Conflict - Ralf Dahrendorf II: THE NEW FRANKFURT SCHOOL AND THE SKEPTICAL GERMAN GENERATION Introduction from Positivist Dispute in German Sociology - David Frisby Sociology in the Federal Republic of Germany - Johannes Weiss Funktion und Gesellschaft - T Schwinn Konstante Probleme trotz Paradigmenwechsel in der Systemtheorie Niklas Luhmanns Language, Self, and Lifeworld in Habermas's Theory of Communicative Action - T McIntosh III: THE FRENCH STRUCTURALIST SCHOOL: A PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT A SUBJECT The Uses of Structuralism - Raymond Boudon Structuralism - Tom Bottomore and Robert Nisbet The Paradoxical Effects of McLuhanisme - G Genosco Cazeneuve, Baudrillard and Barthes Althusser and Structuralism - A Assister Foucault - Jose Guilherme Merquior from The Analysis of Ideology - Raymond Boudon Language, Culture and Sociology - R Jenkins Pierre Bourdieu in Context IV: A NEW THEORY OF RATIONALITY AND A REVOLT AGAINST HOLISM Boudon's Educational Theses about the Replication of Social Inequality - Hayward R Alker Jr Boudon, Education and the Theory of Game - Jon Elster Le Sociologue et la Raison - Philippe de Lara L'Analyse Strat[ac]egique et l'Indivdualisme M[ac]ethodologique - Jacques Lautman V: BRITISH SOCIOLOGY: BETWEEN THEORISATION AND SUSPICION The Transformations of Anthony Giddens - D Jary and J Jary The Continuing Story of Structuration Theory

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書名 The European tradition
著作者等 Alexander, Jeffrey C
Boudon, Raymond
Cherkaoui, Mohamed
Boudon, Raymond
シリーズ名 The classical tradition in sociology
巻冊次 v. 1
v. 2
v. 3
v. 4
出版元 Sage Publications
刊行年月 c1997
ページ数 4 v.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 0761953248
NCID BA33945086
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス