Effective theories and fundamental interactions : proceedings of the International School of Subnuclear Physics

edited by Antonino Zichichi

The problem of the physical vacuum is presented in the opening lecture by T.D. Lee and the effective string-theoretical approach to cosmological vacua by G. Veneziano. Effective theoretical approaches to light and heavy quark physics are presented by H. Leutwyler and M. Neubert. V.N. Gribov discusses the quark confinement and N. Seiberg the problem of finding the effective actions in supersymmetric theories. A detailed analysis confronting electroweak theory with the high precision experimental data is presented by D. Schildknecht. The great specialist in membrane theory, M. Duff, presents the latest results of the 11-dimensional approach, while the finite temperature effective theories are discussed by M. Shaposhnikov. The unification and the physics beyond the standard model constitute the content of the lectures by R. Barbieri and D. Nanopoulos. The experimental data from LEP and HERA are presented by M. Pohl and G. Wolf. N.F. Ramsey, the world specialist in the field, discusses how to explore the universe with atomic clocks. An elusive Z' is the subject of a specialized seminar by P. Frampton. This volume contains the reports presented by a selected group of "new talents" on various topics in the field of subnuclear physics.

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  • Part 1 Opening lecture: the physical vacuum as a condensate, T.D. Lee. Part 2 Theory and phenomenology: the theory of quark confinement, V.N. Gribov
  • light-quark effective theory, H. Leutwyler
  • heavy-quark effective theory, M. Neubert
  • electroweak theory confronting precision data, D. Schildknecht
  • effective field theory and physics beyond the standard model, R. Barieri
  • unified theories with U(2) flavour symmetry, R. Barbieri
  • lectures on supersymmetric gauge theories and electric-magnetic duality, N. Seiberg
  • an amusing cosmology from the string effective action, G. Veneziano
  • ten to eleven - it is not too late, M.J. Duff
  • finite-temperature effective theories, M. Shaposhnikov
  • flipped no-scale supergravity - a synopsis, D.V. Nanopoulos. Part 3 Specialized seminar: exploring the universe with atomic clocks, N.F. Ramsey
  • an elusive Z' coupled to beauty, P.H. Frampton. Part 4 Physics results - status and perspectives: recent results from LEP, M. Pohl
  • recent results from HERA, G. Wolf. Part 5 Special sessions for new talents: critical equation of state from the average action, J. Berges
  • measurement of the t-Lepton lifetime (LEP L3), M. Biasini
  • study of the Kns-K0s final state in two photon collisions (LEP L3), S. Braccini
  • toward an effective theory of small x QCD, C. Ewerz
  • study of charm production in the CHORUS experiment (CERN), J. Herin
  • colour-suppresses hadronic B meson decays, Y.Y. Keum
  • CP violation in nonleptonic two-body decays of charmed mesons, P. Santorelli
  • spectroscopy of solar neutrinos - status and future prospects, S. Schonert
  • pi-piS wave interactions and 0++ particles, B.S. Zou.

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書名 Effective theories and fundamental interactions : proceedings of the International School of Subnuclear Physics
著作者等 International School of Subnuclear Physics
Zichichi, Antonino
シリーズ名 The Subnuclear series
出版元 World Scientific
刊行年月 c1997
ページ数 viii, 595 p.
大きさ 26 cm
ISBN 9810231571
NCID BA33895895
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言語 英語
出版国 シンガポール