Readings in the philosophy of language

edited by Peter Ludlow

Throughout the history of ideas, various branches of philosophy have spun off into the natural sciences, including physics, biology, and perhaps most recently, cognitive psychology. A central theme of this collection is that the philosophy of language, at least a core portion of it, has matured to the point where it is now being spun off into linguistic theory. Each section of the book contains historical (twentieth-century) readings and, where available, recent attempts to apply the resources of contemporary linguistic theory to the problems under discussion. This approach helps to root the naturalization project in the leading questions of analytic philosophy. Although the older readings predate the current naturalization project, they help to lay its conceptual foundations. The main sections of the book, each of which is preceded by an introduction, are Language and Meaning, Logical Form and Grammatical Form, Descriptions, Names, Demonstratives, and Attitude Reports.The collection is not intended as a final report on a mature line of philosophical inquiry. Rather, its purpose is to show students what doing real philosophy is all about and to let them share in the excitement as philosophers enter a period in which how philosophy of language is conducted could change in fundamental ways.

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  • Part 1 Language and meaning: the thought - a logical inquiry, Gottlob Frege
  • excerpt from "The Blue and Brown Books", Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • translation and meaning, Willard Van Orman Quine
  • Utterer's meaning and intentions, Paul Grice
  • truth and meaning, Donald Davidson
  • what model-theoretic semantics cannot do, Ernest Lepore
  • what is a theory of meaning? Nichael Dummett
  • elucidations of meaning, James Higginbotham
  • knowledge of meaning and theories of truth, Richard K. Larson and Gabriel Segal. Part 2 Logical form and grammatical form: some remarks on logical form, Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • the logical form of action sentences, Donald Davidson
  • semantic structure and logical form, Gareth Evans
  • deep structure as logical form, Gilbert Harman
  • logical form as a level of linguistic representation, Robert May. Part 3 Definite and indefinite descriptions: descriptions, Bertrand Russell
  • on referring, Peter F. Strawson
  • reference and definite descriptions, Keith S. Donnellan
  • speaker's reference and semantic reference, Saul A. Kripke
  • context and communication, Stephen Neale
  • referential and quantificational indefinites, Janet Dean Fodor and Ivan A. Sag
  • indefinite descriptions - in defense of Russell, Peter Ludlow and Stephen Neale. Part 4 Names: on sense and reference, Gottlob Frege
  • proper names, John R. Searle
  • reference and proper names, Tyler Burge
  • lecture II of "Naming and Necessity", Saul A. Kripke
  • the causal theory of names, Gareth Evans. Part 5 Demonstratives: truth and demonstratives, Scott Weinstein
  • dthat, David Kaplan
  • Frege on demonstratives, John Perry
  • understanding demonstratives, Gareth Evans
  • individuation and the semantics of demonstratives, Martin Davies. Part 6 Attitude reports: the method of intention, Rudolph Carnap
  • on synonymy and indirect discourse, Israel Scheffler
  • vagaries of reference, Willard Van Orman Quine
  • on saying that, Donald Davidson
  • opacity and scope, Barbara Partee
  • sententialist theories of belief, Stephen Schiffer
  • a puzzle about belief, Saul A. Kripke
  • direct reference, propositional attitude and semantic content, Scott Soames
  • the prince and the phone booth - reporting puzzling beliefs, Mark Crimmins and John Perry
  • interpreted logical form, Richard K. Larson and Peter Ludlow
  • intentional "transitive" verbs and concealed complement clauses, Marcel den Dikken et al.

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書名 Readings in the philosophy of language
著作者等 Ludlow, Peter Jay
Ludlow Peter
シリーズ名 Bradford book
出版元 MIT Press
刊行年月 c1997
ページ数 xviii, 1073 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 0262122057
NCID BA32223406
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国