Industrial ecology and global change

ed. by R. Socolow ... [et al.]

How can the Earth become fully industrialised without overwhelming natural systems? This is a book for those who wish to participate more effectively in today's attempts to implement appropriate strategies. The reader will more deeply understand: * recycling - after learning what happens to lead and cadmium in consumer products; * solar energy - after exploring a future based on biomass energy; * chemicals in agriculture - after being introduced to ecotoxicology and the global nitrogen cycle; * industrial innovation - after reading eye-witness accounts of new design principles and management practices on the shop floor; * international cooperation - after confronting conflicting perspectives of authors from several countries. The goal is to empower the citizen activist, the scholar looking for new challenges, the business leader determined to move beyond slogans in achieving the greening of industry, and the educated person everywhere who finds these issues too important to be left to others.

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  • Foreword William Moomaw
  • Preface Robert Socolow
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Overview: 1. Six perspectives from industrial ecology Robert Socolow
  • Part I. Vulnerability and Adaptation: 2. Introduction R. Socolow, C. Andrews
  • F. Berkhout and V. Thomas
  • 3. Industrial ecology: definition and implementation Thomas Graedel
  • 4. Industrialization as a historical phenomenon Arnulf Grubler
  • 5. Changing perceptions of vulnerability Robin Cantor and Steve Rayner
  • 6. The human dimension of vulnerability Robert S. Chen
  • 7. Global industrialization: a developing country perspective Saleemul Huq
  • Part II. The Grand Cycles: Disruption and Repair: 8. Introduction R. Socolow, C. Andrews
  • F. Berkhout and V. Thomas
  • 9. Human impacts on the carbon and nitrogen cycles Robert U. Ayres
  • William H. Schlesinger and Robert H. Socolow
  • 10. Charting development paths: a multicountry comparison of carbon dioxide emissions William Moomaw and Mark Tullis
  • 11. Reducing urban sources of methane: an experiment in industrial ecology Robert Harris
  • 12. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Russia Yuri Kononov
  • 13. Energy efficiency in China: past experience and future prospects Jiang Zhenping
  • 14. Roles for biomass energy in sustainable development Robert Williams
  • Part III. Toxics and The Environment: 15. Introduction R. Socolow, C. Andrews
  • F. Berkhout and V. Thomas
  • 16. Soil as a vulnerable environmental system Jerald Schnoor and Valerie Thomas
  • 17. The vulnerability of biotic diversity William Schlesinger
  • 18. Global ecotoxicology: management and science Susan Anderson
  • 19. Industrial activity and metals emissions Jerome Nriagu
  • 20. Metals loading of the environment: cadmium in the rhine basin William Stigliani, Peter Jaffe and Stefan Anderberg
  • 21. Emissions and exposure to metals: cadmium and lead Valerie Thomas and Thomas Spiro
  • 22. Nuclear power: an industrial ecology that failed? Frans Berkhout
  • Part IV. Industrial Ecology In Firms: 23. Introduction R. Socolow, C. Andrews
  • F. Berkhout and V. Thomas
  • 24. Product life-cycle management to replace waste management Michael Braungart
  • 25. Industrial ecology in the manufacturing of consumer products Wayne France and Valerie Thomas
  • 26. Design for environment: a management perspective Bruce Paton
  • 27. Prioritizing impacts in industrial ecology Thomas Graedel, Inge Horkeby and Victoria Norberg-Bohm
  • 28. Finding and implementing projects that reduce waste Kenneth Nelson
  • 29. Free-lunch economics for industrial ecologists Theodore Panayotou and Clifford Zinnes
  • Part V. Industrial Ecology In Policy-Making: 30. Introduction R. Socolow, C. Andrews
  • F. Berkhout and V. Thomas
  • 31. Policies to encourage clean technology Clinton Andrews
  • 32. Initiatives in Lower Saxony to link ecology to economy Monika Griefahn
  • 33. Military-to-civilian conversion and the environment in Russia George Golitsyn
  • 34. The political economy of raw materials extraction and trade Stephen Bunker
  • 35. Development, environment and energy efficiency Ashok Gadgil
  • End piece: 36. The industrial ecology agenda Clinton Andrews
  • Frans Berkhout and Valerie Thomas
  • Organizing committee members
  • Working groups
  • Index.

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書名 Industrial ecology and global change
著作者等 OIES Global Change Institute
Socolow, Robert H.
Andrews C.
Berkhout Frans
Moomaw William R.
Thomas V. (Princeton University New Jersey)
Socolow R.
出版元 Cambridge University Press
刊行年月 1997
ページ数 xxix, 500 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0521577837
NCID BA2938702X
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス