Biochemical aspects of sol-gel science and technology : a special issue of the Journal of sol-gel science and technology

edited by David Avnir and Sergei Braun

"Biochemical Aspects of Sol-Gel Science and Technology" provides a comprehensive insight into the state of the art in this new and rapidly evolving research field. "Biochemical Aspects of Sol-Gel Science and Technology" is an edited volume of original research.

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  • To our Readers
  • S. Braun, D. Avnir. Entrapment of Parathion Hydrolase from Pseudomonas spp. in Sol-Gel Glass
  • C. Dosoretz, et al. Immobilization of Urease on Composite Fibre by Using a Gel Formation of Cellulose Acetate and Titanium Iso-Propoxide
  • H. Hatayama, et al. Biogels of Cytochrome c: Cytochrome c Peroxidase Complex Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  • C.T. Lin, et al. Bioactive Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2-TiO2 Composite Coating Prepared by Sol-Gel Process
  • P. Li, et al. Characterization of Hydrophobic Sol-Gel Materials Containing Entrapped Lipases
  • M.T. Reetz, et al. Immunoassays in Sol-Gel Matrices
  • J. Livage, et al. Iodide Fluorescence Quenching of Sol-Gel Immobilized BSA
  • C.L. Wambolt, S.S. Saavedra. Mechanisms of Hydroxyapatite Formation on Porous Gel-Silica Substrates
  • M.M. Pereira, L.L. Hench. In vitro Protein Interactions with a Bioactive Gel-Glass
  • K.D. Lobel, L.L. Hench. Atrazine Degradation by Pseudomonas Strain ADP Entrapped in Sol-Gel Glass
  • M. Rietti-Shati, et al. Biological Activity of Functionalized SiO2 Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method
  • R. Collino, et al. Immobilization of Plant Cell in Hybrid Sol-Gel Materials
  • R. Campostrini, et al. Phycobiliproteins Encapsulated in Sol-Gel Glass
  • Zhongping Chen, et al. Encapsulation of the Ferritin Protein in Sol-Gel Derived Silica Glasses
  • E.H. Lan, et al. Enzymatic Activity of Oxalate Oxidase and Kinetic Measurements by Optical Methods in Transparent Sol-Gel Monoliths
  • S.A. Yamanaka, et al. Sol-Gel Derived Ceramic-Carbon Enzyme Electrodes: Glucose-Oxidase as a Test Case
  • S. Sampath, et al. Use of Sol-Gel Entrapment Techniques for the Resolution of Itaconic Acid Biosynthetic Pathway in Aspergillus terreus
  • E. Bresser, S. Braun. Sol-Gel Entrapment of Monoclonal Anti-Atrazine Antibodies
  • A. Turniansky, et al.

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書名 Biochemical aspects of sol-gel science and technology : a special issue of the Journal of sol-gel science and technology
著作者等 Avnir, D.
Braun, Sergei
Braun S.
Avnir D.
出版元 Kluwer Academic Publishers
刊行年月 1996
版表示 Reprinted from JOURNAL OF SOL-GEL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 7:1-2, 1996
ページ数 143 p.
大きさ 27 cm
ISBN 0792397630
NCID BA28758341
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国