Life : in the glory of its radiating manifestations

edited by Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

Western thought is surging, on the rebound from centuries of a merely background interest. Life is presenting crucial challenges to the human mind in science, technology, culture and social existence; challenges which reach the core of existence, human destiny, and the very meaningfulness - the human significance of life itself. The compartementalized sciences fall short of responding to this challenge, and present day philosophy by and large renounced its vocation of carrying the torch of reason. In this post-modern darkness, the Phenomenology of Life and of the Human Condition excavate and bring to light the Logos of Life in its entire harmonizing interplay. In the present collection, which continues the long and winding itinerary of our previous probings, we first uncover the new field of the ontopoiesis of life by means of the self-individualisation of life, the key to its labyrinth (Tymieniecka). A network of the ontopoietic itineraries manifest life in its innumerable perspectives: the constructive scanning (chronos and Kairos) are treated specifically by Eva Syristova, M. Bielawka, F. Bosio, and M.A. Cecilia. Individualising dynamisms of passions and the tying of the communal order by G. Bucher, R. Sweeney, A. Polis, A. Zvie Bar-On and others. The life-struggle for the light of the spirit by L. Sundararajan, I.R. Owen etc. The deep springs of mundaneity in human existence (moral sense, empathy, communication) by A. Luse, A. Ales Bello, J. Cibulka, J. Sivak, etc. The life of the spirit (historicity) by M. Sancipriano, M. Cekic, H. Rodriguez Pineiro, S. Rinofner-Kreidl and others.

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  • The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the World Phenomenology Institute - A Word of Appreciation. Inaugural Study: Through World to Life. The Awakening of Consciousness in the Ontopoietic Differentiation of Life and the Unity of Apperception - A Discussion with Edmund Husserl
  • A-T. Tymieniecka. Part I: The Constructive Scanning of Life: The Spread and Horizons of chronos and kairos. Die Zeitstruktur und das Absolute: Polaritat in der Lyrik Paul Celan's
  • E. Syristova. Husserl and Camus: In Search of Time Accomplished
  • M. Bielawka. Time and Creativity
  • M.A. Cecilia. The Temporal kairos and the Non-Becoming of Eternity: Opposition or Encounter? F. Bosio. Temporality, Selfhood and Creative Intentionality: Mead's Phenomenological Synthesis
  • S.B. Rosenthal. Contemporary Perspectives and the Functioning of Trace
  • P.L. Bourgeois, S.B. Rosenthal. Part II: The Individualising Dynamisms of Passions and the Tying of Communal Order. The Body as Expression of Life
  • R. Sweeney. The Phenomenon of Death: Elements for a Poetics of Origins
  • G. Bucher. The Destructive Passions of Life and the Soul: An Interdisciplinary View
  • A. Polis. Perceived Risk, Knowledge, and the Lifeworld
  • D. Vernberg, J. Murphy. History, Intersubjectivity and Lebenswelt
  • A. Rizzacasa. From Transcendental Logic to the Phenomenology of the Life-World
  • S. Glynn. Solipsism, Intersubjectivity and Lebenswelt
  • A. Zvie Bar-On. Homo oeconomicus Revisited: The Epistemological Crisis of Political Economy
  • P. Trupia. Conceiving Conflict Competition - Gripped by a World Picture: C. Darwin, D.H. Lawrence and F.A. von Hayek
  • J.J. Venter. Part III: TheLife-Struggle for the Light of the Spirit. The Other as Patient
  • L. Sundararajan. A Critical Approach to the Problem of Existential vs Psychoanalytically Diagnosed Anxiety
  • B. Callieri. Clean Language: A Linguistic-Experiential Phenomenology
  • I.R. Owen. The Phenomenological Presuppositions of Psychiatry and the Meaning of Life
  • L. Grunberg. Una palabra en favor de las personas excepcionales
  • M. Jarquin Marin. The Meta-Theory of Consciousness and Psychiatric Practice
  • V. Borodulin, A. Vasiliev. Tagore, Freud and Jung on Artistic Creativity: A Psycho-Phenomenological Study
  • S. Ray. Hermeneutics and Heideggerian Ontology in Psychiatry
  • F. Barison, S. del Monaco Carucci. Part IV: The Deep Springs of Mundanity in Human Co-Existence: Moral Sense, Empathy, Solidarity, Communication, Intersubjective Grounding. Language, Lifeworld and (Inter)subjectivity
  • W.L. van der Merwe. From Empathy to Solidarity: Intersubjective Connections According to Edith Stein
  • A. Ales Bello. From Communion to Communication: A Study of Merleau-Ponty's Mexican Lectures
  • S. Matsuba. Tymieniecka's Conception of 'The Moral Sense' in the Life of the Human Person
  • M.P. Migon. Intersubjectivity and Love: In Search of the Other
  • A. Luse. Intersubjectivity and Communication -- A Phenomenological Account
  • P. Vandevelde. Das Entwerfen in der Auffassung von Schutz und Heidegger, und Ricoeur's Synthesis von Hermeneutik und Dialektik
  • J. Cibulka. Du mondain a l'ontologique dans l'intersubjectivite
  • J. Sivak. Part V: The Life of the Spirit in its Historicity. J.-L. Vives: De l'humanisme a l'anthropologie dans l'Espagne des 'trois cultures'
  • M. Sanc

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書名 Life : in the glory of its radiating manifestations
著作者等 International Phenomenology Congress
Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa
シリーズ名 Analecta Husserliana : the yearbook of phenomenological research
出版元 Kluwer Academic
刊行年月 c1996
版表示 25 Anniversary ed
ページ数 xiv, 586 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 0792338251
NCID BA28039913
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言語 フランス語
出版国 オランダ