The money supply in the economic process : a post keynesian perspective

edited by Marco Musella and Carlo Panico


  • Part 1 The years of "The Radcliffe Report": central banking and money market changes, Hyman P. Minsky
  • memorandum of evidence submitted to the Radcliffe Committee, Richard Kahn
  • monetary policy, economic stability and growth, Nicholas Kaldor
  • "The Radcliffe Report" and evidence, John C. Gurley
  • "The Radcliffe Report", Nicolas Kaldor
  • monetary thought and monetary policy in england, R.S. Sayers. Part 2 The post-Keynesian critique of the rising monetarist positions: the role of monetary policy, Milton Friedman
  • the "monetarist revolution" in monetary theory, Karl Brunner
  • does money matter?, A.B. Cramp
  • the new monetarism, Nicholas Kaldor
  • the new monetarism - comment, Milton Friedman
  • reply, Nicholas Kaldor
  • money and income - post hoc ergo propter hoc?, James Tobin
  • comment on Tobin, Milton Friedman
  • rejoinder, James Tobin
  • money as cause and effect, Paul Davidson and Sidney Weintraub. Part 3 Reactions to the "monetarist experiment": monetarism and UK monetary policy, Nicholas Kaldor
  • monetary policy - theory and practice, Milton Friedman
  • lessons from the 1979-82 monetary policy experiment, Milton Friedman
  • how monetarism failed, Nicholas Kaldor
  • lessons on monetary policy from the 1980s, Benjamin M. Friedman
  • the uncertain future of monetary policy, Philip Cagan. Part 4 The recent post-Keynesian debate: unpacking the post-Keynesian black box - bank lending and the money supply, Basil Moore
  • the endogenous flow of credit and the post-Keynesian theory of money, Marc Lavoie
  • the evolution of the banking system and the theory of saving, investment and interest, Victoria Chick
  • Shylock and Hamlet or are there bulls and bears in the circuit?, J.A. Kregel
  • endogenous money, the production process and inflation analysis, Paul Davidson
  • the endogenous money supply, Basil J. Moore
  • endogenous money creation and idle balances, Alexander C. Dow and Sheila Dow
  • has Moore become too horizontal?, Charles Goodhart
  • endogenous credit and endogenous business cycles, Marc Jarsulic
  • on the endogeneity of money once more, Stephen Rousseas
  • the theory of the monetary circuit, Augusta Graziani
  • the endogeneity of money, Hyman P. Minsky
  • the endogenous money supply theory - an institutionalist appraisal, Christopher J. Niggle
  • Kaldor on endogenous money and interest rates, Marco Musella and Carlo Panico.

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書名 The money supply in the economic process : a post keynesian perspective
著作者等 Musella, Marco
Panico, Carlo
シリーズ名 An Elgar reference collection
The international library of critical writings in economics
出版元 E. Elgar
刊行年月 c1995
ページ数 xli, 601, [6] p.
大きさ 26 cm
ISBN 1858980437
NCID BA26638564
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス