The Greek world

edited by Anton Powell

The work contains new articles by 27 specialists in ancient Greece. Periods studied range from Mycenean to the late Hellenistic; the Greek cultures in question are not only those of mainland Greece but include Asia Minor, Egypt and Italy. As research on the Greeks multiplies and widens, it becomes less practical to attempt to com,pile general summaries of current knowledge. Rather, this volume seeks to illustrate with original work many of the techniques and interests which engage scholars of today. A theme shared by many of the chapters in the volume is social history, and especially the history of those who were, metaphorically, at or beyond the margins of power. Women, the poor and slaves are considered in many Greek settings and from many angles. Also, several of our contribtors look, in keeping with modern interests at those who were on the literal margins of the Greek world. But there is no fashionable disengagement from the more traditional interests of classical scholarship. Rather the opposite: the work seeks to show how research into areas once disregarded as marginal can shed vital light on topics and authors traditionally seen as central. Herodotus' work on Egypt is here shown to reflect on his credibility as a source for affairs. Plato's reforms are illuminated through a consideration of his impatient and revolutionary attitude to women. The most potent symbol of old-fashioned, central' Greek history, the Parthenon, is shown as understood more fuklly, as political symbol, given a knowledge of the cosmetic techniques (and the gossip about) the women of classical Athens. Social history and political history interact in this volume to the enlightenment of both.

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  • Introduction List of illustrations Part One The Greek Majority 1. Linear B as a source for social history JT Hooker 2. The economics and politics of slavery at Athens Robin Osborne 3. Hybris, status and slavery Nick Fisher 4. Non-aristocratic elements in Archaic poetry Alan Griffiths 5. The place of the poet in Archaic society Rosalind Thomas 6. The Greek novel: towards a sociology of production and reception JR Morgan 7. Politics on the battlefield: ideology in Greek warfare Hans van Wees 8. Greek Piracy Philip de Souza 9. Medical texts as a source for women's history Helen King 10. Women and bastardy in ancient Greece and the Hellenistic World 11. Athens' pretty face: anti-feminine rhetoric and 5th century controversy over the Parthenon Anton Powell Part Two Greeks (and non-Greeks) at the Margins 12. Hereodotus on Egyptian buildings: a test case Alan B. Lloyd 13. Beyond the polis: women and economic opportunity in early Ptolemiac Egypt Jane Rowlandson 14. Why Philip Won Earl McQueen 15. The Greeks in the west and the Hellenisation of Italy Kathryn Lomas 16. Rome in the Greek world: the significance of a name Andrew Erskine Part Three Greeks and their Physical Environment 17. Diet, Diaita and Dietetics Elizabeth Craik 18. Greek Engineering: the case of Eupalino's tunnel TE Rihll and JV Tucker 19. Barbers' shops and perfume shops: 'symposia without wine' Sian Lewis 20. Bionic Statues Nigel Spivey Part Four Religion and Philosophy 21. Greek sacrifice: forms and functions AM Bowie 22. Early Orphism Robert Parker 23. order, Interaction, authority: ways of looking at Greek religion Emily Kearns 24. Ionian Inquiries: on understanding the Presocratic beginnings of science Edward Hussey 25. Law and society in Thucydides Simon Swain 26. Plato's objections to the Sophists TH Irwin 27. Plato on women in the Laws TJ Saunders Index

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書名 The Greek world
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出版元 Routledge
刊行年月 1995
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