System modelling and optimization : proceedings of the 16th IFIP-TC7 Conference, Compiègne, France, July 5-9 1993  gw

J. Henry and J.-P Yvon (Eds.)

This conference, organized jointly by UTC and INRIA, is the biennial general conference of the IFIP Technical Committee 7 (System Modelling and Optimization), and reflects the activity of its members and working groups. These proceedings contain a collection of papers (82 from the more than 400 submitted) as well as the plenary lectures presented at the conference.

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  • Solution methods in stochastic programming.- Some uses of optimization for studying the control of animal movement.- Deterministic sampling and optimization.- Parallel search algorithms for discrete optimization problems.- Min-max game theory for partial differential equations with boundary/point control and disturbance. An abstract approach.- Stochastic differential games in economic modeling.- Stability and sensitivity analysis of solutions to infinite-dimensional optimization problems.- Approximate controllability for some nonlinear parabolic problems.- An approach to variable metric bundle methods.- Perturbation of stationary solutions in semi-infinite optimization.- A descent method with relaxation type step.- Projection onto an acute cone and convex feasibility problem.- A numerical approach to the design of masonry structures.- Nonmonotone conjugate gradient methods for optimization.- Barrier-newton methods in mathematical programming.- Stable multipoint secant methods with released requirements to points position.- Dikin's algorithm for matrix linear programming problems.- A variational principle and a fixed point theorem.- On global search based on global optimality conditions.- Genetic simulated annealing for floorplan design.- Applications of simulated annealing to district heating network design and extension, to CMOS circuits sizing and to filter bank design.- Gale's feasibility theorem on network flows and a bargaining set for cooperative TU games.- One approach to allocating the damage to environment.- Local vector optimization within a configuration process.- Stochastic extrema, splitting random elements and models of crack formation.- Stochastic optimization algorithms for regenerative deds.- Stochastic dynamic optimization: Modelling and methodological aspects.- Modelling, control and optimization of mechanical systems with open chains in robotics.- A new approach to solving algebraic systems by means of sub-definite models.- Use of convex analysis for the modelling of biochemical reaction systems.- Robust survival model as an optimization problem.- Maximum-volume ellipsoids contained in bounded convex sets: Application to batch and on-line parameter bounding.- Optimal identification of the flotation process.- Computer model for simulating control of the water and electrolyte state in the human body.- Subcutaneous insulin absorption model for parameter estimation from time-course of plasma insulin.- Duality and optimality conditions for infinite dimensional optimization problems.- Solution differentiability for parametric nonlinear control problems with inequality constraints.- Spectral idempotent analysis and estimates of the Bellman function.- Boundary value problems for stationary Hamilton-Jacobi and Bellman equations.- Optimal, piecewise constant control with bounded number of discontinuities.- Observers for polynomial vector fields of odd degree.- Algorithm for solution of optimization problems under multiple scenarios of uncontrolled inputs.- Optimization of the stage separation and the flight path of a future launch vehicle.- A real-time optimal control algorithm for water treatment plants.- Strongly time consistent optimality principles for the game with discount payoffs.- The detection probabilities in simultaneous pursuit games.- The ?-core of the positional differential cooperative game.- Generalized Bellman-Hamilton-Jacobi equations for piecewise deterministic Markov processes.- An application of impulse control method to target zone problem.- Optimal strategy in a trading problem with stochastic prices.- Evaluating welfare losses due to the use of approximated stochastic optimal control algorithms: An application to the banca d'italia quarterly model.- Unique continuation mizohata theorem and inverse problems for heat equations.- Identification of parameters in non linear problems with missing data. Application to the identification of pollutions in a river.- Boundary condition identification from noisy pointwise measurements for elliptic distributed parameter systems.- Inverse 2D phase change problem.- A Lagrangian algorithm for state constrained boundary control problems.- Duality for nonconvex optimal control problems governed by parabolic, periodical systems in complex hilbert spaces. Necessary and sufficient optimality conditions.- Exact controllability of the wave equation in a polygonal domain with cracks by acting on a neighbourhood of the boundary.- Optimal control problems of quasilinear parabolic equations.- Characterization of controllability via a regular function: Example of the vibrating string.- Numerical methods to compute sentinels for parabolic systems with an application to source terms identification.- Optimal periodic control for distributed-parameter systems via reduced gradient methods.- Adomian's method applied to identification and optimal control problems.- A remark on stabilization of the SCOLE model with an a priori bounded boundary control.- Nonlinear boundary stabilization of a von karman plate via bending moments only.- Design of a feedback controller for wave generators in a canal using H ? methods.- Shape optimization of nonlinear contact problems with prescribed friction.- A modified benders' decomposition technique for solving large scale unit commitment problems.- Development of a mixed integer programming model for the optimal recycling of demolition waste.- On the L-structure of integer linear programming problems.- An artificial neural network approach for nonlinear optimization with discrete design variables.- Optimizing the structure of a partitioned population.- The minimization of resource costs in scheduling independent tasks with fixed completion time.- A stochastic scheduling problem issued from iron and steel industry : Some results.- A decision aid tool for deliveries planning in a cement plant.- An estimation of energy saving potential by the allocation of co-generation systems.- Automatic lay planning for irregular shapes on plain fabric. Search in direct graph and A? ?-admissible resolution.- An algorithm for finding the chebyshev center of a convex polyhedron.- Zonohedra, zonoids and mixtures management.- k-violation linear programming.- Evaluation of telecommunication network performances.- Nonlinear multicommodity network flows through primal partitioning and comparison with alternative methods.- A flow network model based on information, and its stability: An application to ecological systems.- Super low frequency response of water distribution networks with application.- A marginal-value approach to airline origin & destination revenue management.- Sensitivity analysis for degradable transportation systems.- Convergence and optimality of two-step algorithms for public transportation system optimization.- A mathematical formulation of reliability optimized design.- An efficient method for probability evaluation of a fault-tree.- Optimal strategies for the preventive maintenance of real-time repairable systems.- Simulation of structural members taking into account the material distribution an the correlation.

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書名 System modelling and optimization : proceedings of the 16th IFIP-TC7 Conference, Compiègne, France, July 5-9 1993
著作者等 Henry J. (Jacques)
Henry Jacques
Yvon J.-P. (Jean-Pierre)
Yvon Jean-Pierre
IFIP TC 7 Conference
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in control and information sciences
巻冊次 gw
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 c1994
ページ数 xix, 976 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 3540198938
NCID BA23237035
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス