Income distribution in a corporate economy

Russell Rimmer

"Income Distribution in a Corporate Economy" offers an examination of the influences of financial markets and imperfect competition on the distributive process. Unlike much of the earlier literature, it concentrates upon the short-run, making it suitable for empirical appraisal. After reviewing the theoretical and empirical literature of the past 30 years, Russell Rimmer uses a series of models to synthesize results from post-Keynesian macroeconomics, investment theory and industry economics. The final chapters contain an analysis of the short-run effects of changes in pricing strategies and increases in industrial concentration on income shares accruing to households and corporations.

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  • Part 1 Income distribution in a perfectly competitive economy: the neoclassical microeconomy
  • does marginal productivity exhaust the product?
  • technology and substitution
  • the post-Keynesian critique of neoclassical distribution
  • capital deepening, the importance of capitalists and reswitching. Part 2 Some post-Keynesian approaches to distribution: the basic Kaldorian model
  • savings haviour and income shares
  • the neo-Pasinetti theorem
  • Boulding's theory of distribution in a neo-Pasinetti framework
  • Kaldor's representative firm and a two-sector extension. Part 3 Short-run Kaldorian theories of distribution: Sen's marginal productivity theory
  • Riach's marginal productivity model
  • Harcourt's price rule
  • Goodwin's aggregate demand analysis. Part 4 Financial markets, corporate decision-making and distribution: speculation, enterprise and investment
  • mark-up pricing
  • an extension of the neo-Pasinetti model. Part 5 Investment, the mark-up and Tobin's q: estimating the relationship between investmetn and Tobin's q
  • the price mechanism
  • competing theories of price
  • industry structure and the profit margin
  • what determines the value of q?. Part 6 Industry structure, conduct and a Keynesian theory of distribution: determination of the mark-up
  • the monopoly rents of firms and Tobin's q
  • a short-run model of financial markets, industry structure and corporate behaviour
  • increased industrial concentration and distribution.

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書名 Income distribution in a corporate economy
著作者等 Rimmer, Russell J.
Rimmer Russell
シリーズ名 New directions in modern economics series
出版元 E. Elgar
刊行年月 c1993
ページ数 xi, 255 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 1852786957
NCID BA20391877
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス