Critiques and alternatives

edited by Will Kymlicka

This two-volume set presents the key literature on the contesting schools of justice which have dominated contemporary political philosophy. The volumes focus on a range of positions and debates which have emerged since the publication of John Rawls's "A Theory of Justice" in 1971. Each view is presented through a representative selection of the major articles by both its proponents and critics. The schools covered include utilitarianism, liberal egalotarianism, libertarianism and their Marxist, feminist and communitarian critics. The authors represented include Rawles, Nozick, Dworkin, Cohen, Gauthier; Harsanyi, Barry, Sandel, MacIntyre, Gilligan and Mackinnon. The editor's introduction explores the interrelations between these diverse theories and shows how there are considerable convergencies as well as disagreements in the contemporary debate over justice.

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  • Volume 1 Mainstream theories of Justice - Part 1 Unity and diversity within the main approaches to justice: "Comment on Narveson: In Defense of Equality", Ronald Dworkin
  • "Recent Work on Alternative Conceptions of Justice", James P. Sterba. Part 2 The critique of utilitarianism: Rawles's critique - "Classical Utilitarianism", John Rawls
  • rethinking utilitarianism - "Justice and Equality" by R.M. Hare, "Towards a Substantive Theory of Rights" by James Griffin, "Rawls on Teleology and Deontology" by Will Kymlicka, "Rights: Trumps over Utility" by Ronald Dworkin. Part 3 Liberal equality: the social contract argument
  • fairness and morally arbitrary inequalities. Part 3 Libertarianism: the self-ownership argument
  • the most extensive liberty. Volume 2 Critiques and alternatives - Part 1 Marxism: the critique of justice
  • exploitation
  • alienation. Part 2 Communitarianism: a critique of justice
  • justice and shared meanings. Part 3 Feminism: a sexual discrimination
  • the public / private distinction. (part contents)

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書名 Critiques and alternatives
著作者等 Kymlicka, Will
シリーズ名 An Elgar reference collection
Schools of thought in politics
出版元 Elgar
刊行年月 c1992
ページ数 xxiv, 578 p.
大きさ 26 cm
ISBN 185278444X
NCID BA18973960
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス