Statement and referent : an inquiry into the foundations of our conceptual order

D.S. Shwayder

This treatise, in its first part, moves from a consideration of behavior and utterance through a definition of assertion as a kind of utterance to a consideration of statements, conceived of as products of assertion, to be represented by pairs of testing procedures of verification and falsification. The treatise, in its second part, identifies a small number of basic forms of testing procedures, affiliated to the syncategoremata of classical philosophy, and uses these to represent all distinguishable, humanly producible, forms of statement. This same apparatus is used, in the third part of the treatise, to explain our conception of an object of reference and of various constructions from such objects. Particular attention is given to bodies and to other things met with in space and time, where it is finally argued that bodies, as we have explained them, are our most fundamental objects of reference.

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  • Part I: Statements are Products of Assertion. Introduction. 1. Behavioral and Linguistic Preliminaries. 2. Assertion. Appendix A: Four Other Theories of Judgement. Appendix B: Constatives, Propositions and Explanation. Appendix C: Knowledge, Information, Access, Certainty and Inquiry: Preliminaries to a Rational Epistemology. 3. Statements and their Criteria. Appendix D: Intensional Logic: a Fragment. Part II: Statement-Form and Syngategormata Background and Program. 5. Proto-Criteria. Appendix E: Extension of the Formal Representation to Proto-Criteria. 6. Existence. 7. Individuality. 8. Inherence and Predication. 9. Impressions of Distinctness and Identity. 10. Separation and Distinctness. 11. Identity. 12. Delimination and Generality. 13. On the Characterization of Predicables. 14. Statement-Form. Appendix F: Equivalence of Forms and the Validation of Predicate Logic. Part III: Categories, Referents and Constructions, with Special Attention to Things met with in Space and Time. 15. Metaphysical Categories and Departments of Language. 16. Constructions. 17. Bodies. 18. Surfaces and Body-Boundaries. 19. Visibilia. 20. Preliminary Speculations over Space and Time. 21. Preliminaries for Geometry and Hypothetical Determinations of Space. 22. On the Temporal Ordering of Happenings. Appendix G: Of Time and Tense. 23. Constructions in Space and Time. 24. Bodies are Basic: A Conceptualistic Materialism. Index of Names. Topical Index and Glossary.

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書名 Statement and referent : an inquiry into the foundations of our conceptual order
著作者等 Shwayder, D. S.
書名別名 Part 1: Statements are products of assertion
シリーズ名 Synthese library
出版元 Kluwer Academic Publishers
刊行年月 c1992-
ページ数 xv, 459 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 079231803X
NCID BA18490559
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ