Nonlinear science : the next decade

edited by David K. Campbell, Robert E. Ecke, James M. Hyman

These 50 contributions provide a valuable retrospective on research in nonlinear science over the past decade in addition to mapping out new and exciting directions for the future. They are organized around three paradigms that have come to dominate the field: deterministic chaos and nonlinear dynamics, solutions and coherent structures, and patterns and turbulence. Chapters represent broad areas of pure and applied mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering. Many are important reviews of topics in nonlinear science that also contain the latest contributions in that area.David Campbell is Director of the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory where Robert E. Ecke is a staff member in the Physics Division and Acting Deputy Director of the Center for Nonlinear Studies, and James M. Hyman is a Group Leader in the Theoretical Physics Division.Contributions include: Periodic Orbits in Classical and Quantum Chaos. Phase Space Reconstruction of Dynamical Systems. Nonlinear Oscillations in Chemical and Biological Systems. Transport in 2D Maps and in PDEs. Solutions and Integrability. Experiments in Pattern Forming Systems. Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Nonlinear Optics. Nonlinear Waves. Fluid Turbulence.

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  • Part 1 Deterministic chaos and nonlinear dynamics: classification of all cycles of the parabolic map, R.L. Bivins et al
  • analytical conditions for strange chaotic and nonchaotic attractors of the quasiperiodically forced van der Pol equation, J. Brindley et al
  • monotonicity of auto-expansions, K.M. Brucks and B. Diamond
  • quantum and classical integrability - new approaches in statistical mechanics, R. Bullough et al
  • state-space reconstruction in the presence of noise, M. Casdagli et al
  • general resonance spectroscopy, K. Chang et al
  • an asyptotic symmetry of the rapidly forced pendulum, Y.-H. Chang and H. Segur
  • on a coupled map lattice formulation of the evolution of genetic sequences, G. Cocho and G. Martinez-Mekler
  • nonlinear dynamics of sliding charge density waves, S.N. Coppersmith
  • periodic orbits as the skeleton of classical and quantum chaos, P. Cvitanovic
  • nonlinear oscillations in chemical and biological systems, I.R. Epstein
  • symbolic dynamics and characterization of complexity, B.-l. Hao
  • homoclinic chaos for ray optics in a fiber, D. Holm and G. Kovacic
  • Lie-Poisson description of Hamiltonian ray optics, D. Holm and K.B. Wolf
  • chaotic properties in quantum scattering, H.R. Jauslin
  • lobe areas in adiabatic Hamiltonian systems, T.J. Kaper and S. Wiggins
  • basins of Wada, J. Kennedy and J.A. Yorke
  • lobe area via action formalism in a class of Hamiltonian systems, G. Kovacic
  • nonlinear dynamics and stability of analog neural networks, C.M. Marcus et al
  • transport in two-dimensional maps - concepts, examples and a comparison of the theory of Rom-Kedar and Wiggins with the Markov model of Meiss, Ott and Percival, V. Rom-Kedar and S. Wiggins
  • dynamics retrospective - great problems, attempts that failed, S. Smale
  • some common dynamic features of coupled reacting systems, M.A. Taylor and I.G. Kevrekidis. Part 2 Solitons and coherent structures: stability of some stationary solitons for the forced KdV equation, R. Camassa and T.Y.-t Wu
  • polarization modulated solitary waves in an optical fiber, D. David and M.V. Tratnik
  • proton transport by solitons, S. Pnevmatikos et al
  • Davydov's soliton revisited, A.C. Scott
  • who cares about integrability?, H. Segur
  • period doubling solitons - yes or no?, T.P. Valkering and Th. Zeegers
  • old and new link polynomials from the theory of exactly solvable models, M. Wadati and T. Deguchi
  • soliton phenomena in unstable media, M. Wadati et al
  • two-sublattice kink dynamics and ionic defects in hydrogen-bonded chains, A.V. Zolotaryuk et al. Part 3 Patterns and turbulence: experiments with pattern-forming systems, G. Ahlers
  • travelling wave convection patterns in an annular cell, K.E. Anderson and R.P. Behringer. (Part contents)

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書名 Nonlinear science : the next decade
著作者等 Campbell, David K.
Center for Nonlinear Studies (Los Alamos National Laboratory). International Conference
Ecke, Robert E.
Hyman, James M.
シリーズ名 Bradford book
出版元 MIT Press
刊行年月 1992
ページ数 x, 611 p.
大きさ 27cm
ISBN 0262531097
NCID BA14130926
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国