Roman culture and society : collected papers

Elizabeth Rawson

The late Elizabeth Rawson (1934-1988) was a distinguished specialist in the history, society, and culture of the later Roman Republic and Augustan period, whose sudden death at the end of a visit to China came when she was at the height of her powers, and had just been elected as a Fellow of the British Academy. Her papers form a closely related group, published over a short period of time between 1971 and 1989. The topics covered include the workings of Roman politics and society, historical and antiquarian thinking at Rome, and literary and cultural history. They are reproduced here in the order in which they were published, and together form an essential contribution to the understanding of the central period of Roman history.

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  • Prodigy lists and the use of the "Annales Maximi"
  • L.Crassus and Cicero - the formation of a statesman
  • the literary sources for the pre-Marian army
  • Cicero the historian and Cicero the antiquarian
  • Scipio, Laelius, Furius and the ancestral religion
  • the eastern "Clientelae" of Clodius and the Claudii
  • the interpretation of Cicero's "De Legibus"
  • religion and politics in the late second century BC at Rome
  • Caesar's heritage - Hellenistic kings and their Roman equals
  • architecture and sculpture - the activities of the Cossutii
  • the Ciceronian aristocracy and its properties
  • "Homo Novus Arpinas ex M.Crassi familia"
  • more on the "Clientelae" of the patrician Claudii
  • the first Latin annalists
  • the identity problems of Q.Cornificius
  • Caesar, Etruria, and the "Disciplina Etrusca"
  • the introduction of logical organization in Roman prose literature
  • M.Aeficius Calvinus and his "grammaticus"
  • Caerellii, Juno Populona, and Aquinum
  • L.Cornelius Sisenna and the early first century BC
  • chariot-racing in the Roman Republic
  • history, historiography, and Cicero's "exposito consiliorum"
  • "Crassorum Funera"
  • the life and death of Asclepiades of Bithynia
  • Cicero and the Areopagus
  • theatrical life in Republican Rome and Italy
  • Cassius and Brutus - the memory of the Liberators
  • "Discrimina Ordinum" - the "Lex Julia Theatralis"
  • Sallust on the '80s
  • "Speciosa locis morataque recte"
  • the antiquarian tradition - spoils and representations of foreign armour.

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書名 Roman culture and society : collected papers
著作者等 Rawson, Elizabeth
出版元 Clarendon Press
刊行年月 1991
ページ数 x, 615 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 019814752X
NCID BA12863620
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