Handbook of neuropsychology  v. 1 ~ v. 11

series editors, François Boller, Jordan Grafman

Volume 2 of the Handbook of Neuropsychology covers the remaining part of Section Three and Section Four. Section 3 (Topic Editor: Professor H. Goodglass) encompasses aphasia and related disorders; it is shared over Volumes 1 and 2. This section includes chapters on clinical-anatomical (including imaging) and electrophysiological correlates of language and aphasia, and on recovery and therapy of aphasia. Related topics include aphasia in polyglots and in left-handers, artistry after unilateral brain lesions, nonverbal conceptual impairment in aphasia and sign language aphasia. The section ends with three chapters which are only indirectly related to language: one on disorders of body awareness, one on motor control and one on apraxia. Section 4 (Topic Editor: Professor A.R. Damasio) addresses the topic of disorders of visual behavior. It covers experimental issues in animal and man, and issues of diagnosis. Special emphasis is given to the remarkable analyses of anatomy and function in the field of vision research in the past decade. The chapters address disorders of recognition, visuospatial analysis, imagery, blindsight and stereopsis, visual neglect and constructional apraxia.

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  • Preface. List of contributors. Acknowledgements. Section 3: Language, Aphasia and Related Disorders (continued) (CH. Goodglass) 1. Neuroimaging contributions to the understanding of aphasia (H. Damasio). 2. Clinical-anatomical correlations of aphasia following predominantly subcortical lesions (M.P. Alexander). 3. Therapy of aphasia (A. Basso). 4. Recovery in aphasia (A.L. Holland). 5. Electrophysiological correlates of language: stimulation mapping and evoked-potential studies (C.A. Mateer and P.A. Cameron). 6. Bilingual and polyglot aphasia (M. Paradis). 7. Artistry after unilateral brain disease (J.A. Kaplan and H. Gardner). 8. Sign language aphasia (H. Poizner, U. Bellugi and E.S. Klima). 9. Aphasia in left-handers and crossed - aphasia (Y. Joanette). 10. Non-verbal conceptual impairment in aphasia (L.A. Vignolo). 11. Disorders of body awareness and body knowledge (G. Denes). 12. Motor control (E. Bizzi and F.A. Mussa-Ivaldi). 13. Apraxia (E. de Renzi). Section 4: Disorders of Visual Behavior (A.R. Damasio) 14. Neural mechanisms of visual processing in monkeys (R. Desimone and L.G. Ungerleider). 15. The neurophysiology of spatial vision (M.E. Goldberg and C.L. Colby). 16. Disorders of visual recognition (A.R. Damasio, D. Tranel and H. Damasio). 17. Disorders of visuospatial analysis (F. Newcombe and G. Ratcliff). 18. Neglect hemispheric specialization, behavioral components and anatomical correlates (S. Weintraub and M.-M. Mesulam). 19. Blindsight (L. Weiskrantz). 20. Constructional apraxia (A. Benton). 21. Disorders of mental imagery (M.J. Farah). 22. Astereopsis (M. Rizzo). Index

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書名 Handbook of neuropsychology
著作者等 Boller, François
Grafman, Jordan
Boller Francois
Damasio Antonio R.
Damsio A.R.
Hendler J.A.
Spinnler H.
Goodglass Harold
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出版元 Elsevier
刊行年月 1990-
版表示 [Paperback ed]
ページ数 v. <1- >
大きさ 27 cm
ISBN 0444812156
NCID BA11573217
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ