Studies in Romance linguistics : selected papers from the seventeenth Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (XVII. LSRL), Rutgers University, 27-29 March 1987

edited by Carl Kirschner and Janet DeCesaris

The papers collected in this volume reflect the numerous interests in the field of Romance languages and Romance linguistics today. A far-ranging amount of Romance data are presented: French, Italian, and Spanish dialect data are crucial to several authors' arguments, Rumanian is the focus of two papers, and many of the papers included discuss overall Romance developments. It is noteworthy that formal approaches to syntax are here regularly applied to historical data (three papers specifically deal with pro-drop phenomena in Old French). Of the papers on phonology, syllabification and linking processes receive much attention.

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  • 1. Preface, pvii
  • 2. Verb second effects in Medieval French (by Adams, Marianne), p1
  • 3. Null objects and the theory of empty categories (by Bouchard, Denis), p33
  • 4. Prosodic reduction (by Burzio, Luigi), p51
  • 5. Rhythm and length in phonological variation (by Cedergren, Henrietta J.), p69
  • 6. On Spanish empty N' and N (by Contreras, Heles), p83
  • 7. On resyllabification in Spanish (by D'Introno, Francesco), p97
  • 8. The complementizer signature (by Goldsmith, John A.), p115
  • 9. On Spanish cleft sentences (by Guitart, Jorge M.), p129
  • 10. Sonority and syllabification in Spanish (by Harris, James), p139
  • 11. On the existence of null subjects in embedded clauses in old and middel French (by Hirschbuhler, Paul), p155
  • 12. Delinking processes in Romance (by Hualde, Jose Ignacio), p177
  • 13. Inflection and periphrastic structures in Romance (by Joseph, John E.), p195
  • 14. Directionality of government and nominative case assignment in Romanian (by Kempchinsky, Paula), p209
  • 15. French linking, English flapping, and te relation between syntax and phonology (by Laeufer, Christiane), p225
  • 16. The Spanish subjunctive and 'relevance' (by Lunn, Patricia V.), p249
  • 17. On assimilation through schwa (by Montreuil, Jean-Pierre Y.), p261
  • 18. Musically-conditioned stress shift in Spanish revisited: empirical verification and nonlinear analysis (by Morgan, Terrell A.), p273
  • 19. Barriers and Rumanian (by Rivero, Maria Luisa), p289
  • 20. Weather-verbs and the unaccusative hypothesis (by Ruwet, Nicolas), p313
  • 21. Syntactic shift and the creation of clitics in Romance (by Saltarelli, Mario), p347
  • 22. Diphthongs and monophthongs in early Romance (by Schane, Sanford A.), p365
  • 23. Dialectal variation and clitic-doubled direct objects (by Suner, Margarita), p377
  • 24. Spanish endocentric compounds and the 'atom condition' (by Varela, Soledad), p397
  • 25. The evolution of pro-drop in Medieval French (by Vance, Barbara), p413
  • 26. The continuum of verb position typology in Romance (by Wanner, Dieter), p443
  • 27. On the non-identity of morphological tense and temporal interpretation (by Zagona, Karen), p479
  • 28. Index, p495

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書名 Studies in Romance linguistics : selected papers from the seventeenth Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (XVII. LSRL), Rutgers University, 27-29 March 1987
著作者等 DeCesaris, Janet Ann
Kirschner, Carl
Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages
Decesaris Janet Ann
シリーズ名 Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science
出版元 J. Benjamins Pub. Co.
刊行年月 1989
ページ数 ix, 496 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027235546
NCID BA09916842
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ