The neurobiology of memory : concepts, findings, trends

Yadin Dudai

Uniquely bridging all levels of neurobiological analysis, this book describes and explains step-by-step the concepts, methods, findings and conclusions of modern learning research. This text starts with a treatment of simple nervous systems and molecular mechanisms, proceeds to more complex learning and development, and concludes with the functional organization of highly complex memory systems in the human brain and their disintegration in amnesia. This book, supplemented by 1100 references and many illustrations, is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as for neuroscientists who seek a comprehensive overview of the field. It should also be of interest to scientists from other disciplines and to other readers who wish to learn about the new neurobiology of learning.

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  • THE CONCEPTUAL AND EXPERIMENTAL FRAMEWORK: Some basic notions and their ontogenesis
  • Paradigms and research tools
  • Biological universals, and the rationale for a 'bottom-up' strategy
  • WINDOWS TO MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR MECHANISMS: Cellular and mnemonic devices detected in relatively simple nervous systems: 1. The case of Aplysia
  • 2. The case of Hermissenda
  • A cellular mnemonic device in the mammalian brain: long-term potentiation
  • A different approach: neurogenetics
  • On the life span of molecules and memories
  • WINDOWS TO THE ARCHITECTURE OF MEMORY SYSTEMS: On the complexity of internal representations
  • In search of the topography of engrams
  • Fragments of engrams and of memory systems in the vertebrate brain
  • The establishment of innately predisposed representations in sensitive periods: 1. Imprinting
  • 2. Bird song
  • The generation of complex internal representations by sensory impressions, and their use: 1. Lessons from monkeys and vision
  • 2. Amnesias, further clues to our own memories
  • Epilogue: The integration of levels of biological organization in memory, and the transformation of universal mechanisms to unique experiences
  • Appendix
  • Bibliography.

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書名 The neurobiology of memory : concepts, findings, trends
著作者等 Dudai, Yadin
出版元 Oxford University Press
刊行年月 1989
ページ数 xi, 340 p.
大きさ 26 cm
ISBN 0198542291
NCID BA07475156
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス