Studies in syntax and semantics

edited by F. Kiefer


  • Semantics and Lexicography: Towards a New Type of Unilingual Dictionary.- Arguments and Predicates in the Logico-Semantic Structure of Utterances.- I. Linguistic Indices as Arguments of Type 1.- II. Arguments of Type 2.- III. Arguments of Type 3.- IV. Concluding Remarks.- Remarks on Definitions in Natural Language.- 1. Introduction.- 2. On the Syntactic Form and the Semantic Interpretation of Definitions.- 3. Lexical Relatedness of Grammars.- 4. Lexical Aspects and Ostensive Definitions.- 5. Partial and Complete Definitions.- 6. Redundant Definitions, Linguistic and Encyclopedic Knowledge.- 7. Generic Sentences and Completing Definitions.- Generative Semantics vs. Deep Syntax.- Lexis - Affirmation - Negation: Etude Fondee Sur Les Classes.- 0. Introduction.- 1. Univers de depart.- 2. Les lexis.- 2.1. Premier stade: equivalence de predicats et choix d'une notion.- 2.2. Deuxieme stade: classes resultant du choix d'une notion.- 3. Parcours, extraction et flechage.- 4. Modalites du type M1 (assertion).- 5. Schema resumant les relations entre les ensembles introduits aux paragraphes precedents.- Bibliographie.- Types of Lexical Information.- 0. The Lexicon.- 1. The Speech Act.- 2. Elementary Semantic Properties of Verbs.- 3. Predicate Structure.- 4. Case Structure.- 5. Surface Realization of Arguments.- 6. Meaning vs. Presupposition.- 7. Evaluative and Orientative Features.- 8. Functional Shift.- 9. Deep-Structure Acceptability.- 10. Government.- 11. Transformationally Introduced Predicators.- 12. Subject and Object.- 13. Sample Lexical Entries.- Remarks on Selectional Restrictions and Presuppositions.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Chomskian Framework and McCawley's Criticism.- 3. McCawley's Treatment of Selectional Restrictions and Presupposition.- 4. Criticism against McCawley's Claim, 1
  • Gender Agreement in the General Case of Pronominalization.- 5. Criticism against McCawley's Claim, 2
  • Gender Agreement in French.- 6. An Alternative Proposal Indicated.- 7. Selectional Feature as Structural Change of a Transformation.- 8. Relativization and Pronominalization as Feature Agreement Transformation.- 9. Transformations as Partial Well-Formedness Conditions.- 10. Gender Agreement
  • Grammatical and Natural Gender.- 11. Concluding Remarks.- Evidence for Deep Structure Constraints in Syntax.- 0. The Problem.- 1. The Unlike-Subject Constraint in English.- 2. The Like-Subject Constraint in Serbo-Croatian.- On the Structural Analysis and Typology of Poetic Images.- 0. Introduction.- 1. On the Problems of Poetic Images in General.- 2. The Definition and Analysis of Images. The Typology of Images.- 2.1. The Definition of 'Image'.- 2.2. The Analysis of Images.- 2.3. The Typology of Images.- 3. The Analysis of Single Images.- 3.1. On the Construction of the Inherent Structure of Lexical Units.- 3.2. The Syntactico-Semantic Characterization of Single Images.- 4. The Linguistic Analysis of the "Image Field" of a Work.- 5. Summary.- L'Ordre des Mots et la Semantique.- Bibliographie.- Index of Names.

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書名 Studies in syntax and semantics
著作者等 Kiefer, Ferenc
Ferenc Kiefer (Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest Hungary)
シリーズ名 Foundations of language
出版元 Reidel
刊行年月 [1970], c1969
ページ数 ix, 242 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9027700273
NCID BA04322556
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言語 フランス語
出版国 オランダ