Optimization techniques : proceedings of the 9th IFIP Conference on Optimization Techniques, Warsaw, September 4-8, 1979  pt. 1 ~ pt. 2

edited by K. Iracki, K. Malanowski, S. Walukiewicz


  • Optimality conditions for some nonconvex problems.- A general perturbation theory for optimization problems.- On the theoretical basis for methods for parametric optimization problems.- Basic solutions and a 'simplex' method for a class of continuous linear programs.- A probabilistic algorithm for global optimization problems with a dimensionality reduction technique.- The method of feasible directions for optimization problems with subdifferentiable objective function.- Factorized variable metric algorithms for unconstrained optimization.- A unified approach to nonlinear programming algorithms basing on sequential unconstrained minimizations.- Minimax optimization using quasi-newton methods.- Algorithms for the solution of a discrete minimax problem: Subgradient methods and a new fast newton - Method.- Algorithm of search for global extremum of function from variables measured in different scales.- A method for solving equality constrained optimization problems by unconstrained minimization.- Randomly generated nonlinear programming test problems.- Method of regularized approximations and its application to convex programming.- Methods of hierarchical optimization for interconnected systems.- Structural analysis of large nonlinear programming problems.- On the use of statistical models of multimodal functions for the construction of the optimization algorithms.- Stability analysis in pure and mixed-integer linear programming.- Alternative group relaxation of integer programming problems.- Efficient method applying incomplete ordering for solving the binary knapsack problem.- Weighted satisfiability problems and some implications.- On two methods for solving the bottleneck matching problem.- Fast approximation algorithms for knapsack type problems.- Computational relations between various definitions of matroids and independence systems.- Relations among integer programs.- Linear optimization for linear and bottleneck objectives with one nonlinear parameter.- Selected aspects of a general algebraic modeling language.- Software design for algorithms of hierarchical optimization.- Outlines for a general mathematical modeling software.- An efficient algorithm for obtaining the reduced connection equations for a class of dynamic systems.- Characteristics of incremental assignment method.- Stochastic modelling of socio-economic systems.- Optimal allocation of a seismographic network by nonlinear programming.- Stochastic approach to the two-level optimization of the complex of operations.- Some results on timed petri-nets.- Non equilibrium computer network distribution.- Dynamic programming of stochastic activity networks with cycles.- A necessary condition for the elimination of crane interference.- Optimal constructions of project networks.- Enumeration techniques in directed hypergraphs.- Optimal dispatching control of bus lines.- A strategic approach to air traffic control.- EDP project and computer equipment selection by the use of linear programming.- Impact of financing on optimal R & D resource allocation.- On an inexact transportation problem.- Integer programming as a tool for plant adjustment problem.- A cutting sequencing algorithm.- On a winning coalition of the charakteristic function game as a solution of the resource allocation problem.- A package for analytic simulation of econometric models.- On the recursive estimation of stochastic and time-varying parameters in econometric systems.- Computing equilibria in an industry producing an exhaustible resource.- Optimization of a country's trade policies.- An open input-output model with continuous substitution between primary factors as a problem of geometric programming.- An equilibrium model for an open economy with institutional constraints on factor prices.- Controllability and observability of dynamic economic systems.- The development of economic system in case of differential optimization (for one-sector dynamic model).- Modelling and computation of water quality problems in river networks.- An application of optimal control theory to the estimation of the demand for energy in canadian manufacturing industries.- Operational multiple goal models for large economic environmental models.- Resource distribution combinatorial models in air pollution problems.- The energy economics of the United Kingdom, the federal Republic of Germany, and Belgium.- Decentralized approach for electric generating system development - Energy supply-social siting concern interaction.- On a stochastic model of reservoir system sizing.- An LP energy supply model for world regions.- An application of nonlinear programming techniques to the energy-economic optimization of building design.- Optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio in the optical data processing.- An asymptotic approach to the dynamic optimization of complex cyclic process.- Methods of periodic optimization in stabilization problems of biped apparatus.- Comparison of optimal and suboptimal methods for pulp mill production control.- Streams of information in the process of systematic modelling of complex technical objects on the example of vessel engines.

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  • Optimal control problems in aeroelasticity.- Optimization of engineering structures theory and applications.- Mathematic-economic modelling of scientifical and technical progress.- Game-theoretical optimization of differential systems.- Optimization of regional development.- On the foundations of the optimal control of distributed systems.- Optimization algorithms in 1979.- A methodological guide to multiobjective optimization.- Interactions between economics and systems theory.- Modeling man in economics and system theory.- The importance of mathematical optimization in economics.- The global 2000 study: An attempt to increase consistency in government forecasting.- Optimization of quantum observation and control.- The limited risk problem in the nonlinear case.- Minimax stochastic programs with nonseparable penalties.- Exit probabilities for degenerate systems.- An approximation method in stochastic optimal control.- Stochastic version of a penalty method.- On a class of linear-quadratic stochastic team control problems.- On the existence and uniqueness of closed-loop sampled-data nash controls in linear-quadratic stochastic differential games.- Stackelberg solutions in macroeconometric policy models with a decentralized decision structure.- Differential games with parameters.- Two-stage noncooperative stochastic games with denumerable state spaces.- On a nonlinear evasion problem described by a system of integro-differential equations.- State-estimation in a pursuit-evasion-game with incomplete information-exchange.- Existence and numerical computation of extremal invariant sets in linear differential games with bounded controls.- Closed-loop stackelberg solution and threats in dynamic games.- Quasioptimal control and stabilization at random perturbations.- Regular synthesis and singular extremals.- A tensor algebraic approach to optimal synthesis for nonlinear systems.- Semi-dual approximations in optimal control.- Realizations of Volterra series.- Applications of a general duality conception in optimal control.- Asymptotic behavior of solutions of nonautonomeous Riccati equations.- Relaxation methods for parallel in line calculations of the optimum control of large systems.- On the computation of the optimal constant output feedback gains for large-scale linear time-invariant systems subjected to control structure constraints.- On sensitivity minimization for linear control system.- Minimum-time soaring through a specified vertical wind distribution.- A variational characterization of linear control systems.- Some resuits in approximate methods for variational inequalities and systems of variational inequalities with applications.- Optimal control of eigenvalues - I.- A free boundary problem in hydrodynamic lubrication governed by the stokes equations.- On stabilizability of some abstract degenerate diffusion processes.- Optimization of low-order compensators for infinite-dimensional systems.- Some general considerations on optimality conditions for state constrained parabolic control problems.- Optimal control for parabolic systems with free boundaries - Existence of optimal controls, approximation results.- Output stabilization of a class of boundary value control systems.- Properties and calculation of transmission zeros for distributed parameter systems.- On optimal control and reachable sets in a Banach space.- Control in coefficients for parabolic equation.- Necessary optimality conditions for optimal control problems with elliptic systems in the plane.- Task allocation in two-level systems with conflicting goals.- On relations between continuous and discrete multicriteria optimization problems.- Multiple pay-off conflicts.- On ?-optimality in a class of cooperative many player differential games.- A vector - valued criterion optimization method.- An extension of compromise programming to the solution of dynamic multicriteria problem.- On mathematical modelling of a disease.- An iterative method for parameter estimation in gene-counting procedures.- Mathematical model of regulation of antibody response.- On stochastic control in immunology.- Some factors affecting the rate of convergence during on-line parameter identification.

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書名 Optimization techniques : proceedings of the 9th IFIP Conference on Optimization Techniques, Warsaw, September 4-8, 1979
著作者等 IFIP Conference on Optimization Techniques
Iracki, K.
Malanowski, K.
Walukiewicz, Stanisław
Walukiewicz Stanislaw
Malanowski K.
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in control and information sciences
巻冊次 pt. 1
pt. 2
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 1980
ページ数 2 v.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0387100806
NCID BA03944947
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言語 英語
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