Manuscript essays and notes

William James

When William James died in 1910 he left a large body of manuscript material that has never appeared in print. Much of it is of biographical interest only, but the largest part is concerned with James's work. The present volume, the first of two that will bring "The Works of William James" to completion, includes the manuscripts devoted to work in progress on philosophical and psychological subjects. The last volume will bring together the manuscripts relating to James's public lectures and teaching. The most important of these manuscripts are those of the years 1903 and 1904 called "The Many and the One." This was material for the book that James hoped would be the full technical exposition of his philosophy of radical empiricism. It contains discussions of problems and concepts that are not found in his published work. Closely related to this are his responses to the so-called Miller-Bode objections, which charged that his philosophy of pure experience could not solve the problem of the many and the one or the question "How can two minds know the same thing?" James's notes record his offers to work his way out of the impasse, which eventually led to his formulation of radical empiricism and his total rejection of the mind-body dualism that had dominated Western philosophy since Descartes. The manuscripts in the rest of the volume contain James's reflections over a period of forty years in the form of drafts, memoranda, and notebook entries. The diverse subjects are arranged under the headings of Philosophy, Psychology, Aesthetics, Ethics, and Religion. Of special interest are the early notes in which James began to work out his own philosophical point of view.

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  • Foreword Introduction by Ignas K. Skrupskelis Manuscript Essays and Notes I. THE MANY AND THE ONE 1903-1904 1. Introduction: Philosophies Paint Pictures 2. Introduction 3. Common Sense 4. [Pragmatism] 5. World of Pure Experience 6. Chapter I: Continuity 7. Possibility 8, Necessity Appendix to The Many and the One 1903-1909 9. [Notes on Continuity I] 10. [Notes on Continuity II] 11. [Notes on Activity I] 12. [Notes on Activity II] 13. [Notes on Activity III] 14. [Reflections on Strong's Book I] 15. [Reflections on Strong's Book II] II. THE MILLER-BODE OBJECTIONS 1905-1908 16. [The Miller-Bode Objections] III. ESSAYS AND NOTES 1870-1910 A. Philosophy 17. Miscellanea I: Mostly Concerning Empiricism 1870-1873 18. Idealism, etc. 1870-1873 19. Against Nihilism 1873-1875 20. [Hodgson's Time and Space] 1875-1876 21. On Sensation and Will 1875-1882 22. [Note on Empiricism] 1876-1877 23. Identity 1877-1878 24. Syntheses a Priori 1878-1884 25. Idealism: Short Lecture 1878-1884 26. Confusion of Conditions with Contents of Thought 1878-1885 27. [The Cerebral and the Mental] 1878-1885 28. Phenomenalism 1879-1880 29. Panpsychism 1879-1880 30. Idealism [I] 1880-1884 31. Idealism [II] 1880-1884 32. Cognition Idealism 1880-1885 33. [Notes on Infinity] 1880-1899 34. Classification 1881-1882 35. Must Idealism Be Monistic? 1883-1885 36. Idealism [III] 1884 37. Article on Kant 1896-1900 38. Royce's Argument for the Absolute 1899 39. "Roseau" 1899-1904 40. Munsterberg's Book 1900-1904 41. Idealism [IV] 1902-1903 42. [Notes on Bergson] 1902-1908 43. Infinity 1902-1910 44. Possibility: The World of Platonic Ideas 1903-1904 45. Heymans's Book 1905-1906 46. [Fragment on Rationalists] 1906 47. [Note on Royce's Absolute] 1907 48. [Interview on Pragmatism] 1907 49. Hegelism 1907-1908 50. Truth--Reality, etc. 1907-1910 51. [Fragment on Radical Empiricism] 1910 B. Psychology 52. [Draft on Brain Processes and Feelings] 1872 53. [Notes on Feelings of Movement] 1878-1880 54. [Mental Structure and Experience] 1880-1890 55. [Notes on Perception] 1882-1885 56. Chapter II: The Object of Cognition & the judgment of Reality 1883-1884 Appendix 57. [Proposal for the American Psychopathological Society] 1909-1910 C. Aesthetics, Ethics, and Religion 58. [Notes on Art and Pessimism] 1873 59. Religions Guarantee 1875 6o. Magnolia 1.Sept. 1, 2 1875 61. [Notes on Ethics I] 1878-1885 62. [Notes on Ethics II] 1888-1889 63. Faith [I] 1895-1903 64. [Faith II] 1899-1901 65. [Notes on Ethics III] 1899-1901 66. Emerson 1905 Notes Appendix A Month on the Solimoens A Note on the Editorial Method Textual Apparatus Index

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書名 Manuscript essays and notes
著作者等 James, William
シリーズ名 The works of William James
出版元 Harvard University Press
刊行年月 1988
ページ数 xlviii, 550 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0674548299
NCID BA03775271
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言語 英語
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