Optimization techniques : IFIP Technical Conference, Novosibirsk, July 1-7, 1974

edited by G.I. Marchuk


  • Identification - Inverse problems for partial differential equations: A stochastic formulation.- Key problems in the theory of centralized interaction of economic systems.- Some statements and ways of solving dynamic optimization problems under uncertainty.- A new algorithm for Gauss Markov identification.- On optimality criteria in identification problems.- Nonstationary processes for mathematical programming problems under the conditions of poorly formalized constraints and incomplete defining information.- Dynamic models of technological changes.- Identification and control for linear dynamic systems of unknown order.- Group choice and extremal problems in the analysis of qualitative attributes.- Studies in modelling and identification of distributed parameter systems.- Recursive solutions to indirect sensing measurement problems by a generalized innovations approach.- A system of models of output renewal.- Bilinear social and biological control systems.- A problem from the theory of observability.- Some questions of the modelling of complex chemical systems.- Evaluation model of humanistic systems by fuzzy multiple integral and fuzzy correlation.- Penalty function method and necessary optimum conditions in optimal control problems with bounded state variables.- Multilevel optimal control of interconnected distributed parameter systems.- Time optimal control problem for differential inclusions.- Application of maximum principle for optimization of pseudo-stationary catalytic processes with changing activity.- Approximate solution of optimal control problems using third order hermite polynomial functions.- Optimal stabilization of the distributed parameter systems.- About one problem of synthesis of optimum control by thermal conduction process.- About the problem of synthesis of optimum control by elastic oscillations.- On the partitioning problem in the synthesis of multilevel optimization structures.- On the problem of an optimal three-dimensional aircraft motion.- A general stochastic equation for the non-linear filtering problem.- On sufficiency of the necessary optimality of L.S. pontryagin's maximum principle analogues type.- On final stopping time problems.- Equilibrium and perturbations in plasma-vacuum systems.- Sufficient conditions for absolute minimum of the maximal functional in the multi - Criterial problem of optimal control.- Stratified universal manifolds and turnpike theorems for a class of optimal control problems.- On the numerical approximation of problems of impulse controls.- Satisficing.- On approximate solution of the problem with point and boundary control.- A-stable method for the solution of the cauchy problem for stiff systems of ordinary differential equations.- Some methods for numerical solution of optimal models in spatial-production planning.- An extension of the method of feasible directions.- A numerical method for solving linear control problems with mixed restrictions on control and phase coordinates.- Dual direction methods for function minimization.- Implementation of variable metric methods for constrained optimization based on an augmented lagrangian functional.- Limit extremum problems.- Algorithms for solving non-linear programming problems.- Structural optimization.- On the solution of a class of non linear dirichlet problems by a penalty-duality method and finite elements of order one.- Adaptive monte carlo method for solving constrained minimization problem in integer non-linear programming.- Application of the quadratic minimization method to the problem of simulated system characteristics representation.- Mathematical programming approach to a minimax theorem of statistical discrimination applicable to pattern recognition.- penalty methods and some applications of mathematical programming.- Numerical analysis of artificial enzyme membrane - Hysteresis, oscillations and spontaneous structuration.- The stability of optimal values in problems of discrete programming.- Optimal control with minimum problems and variational inequalities.- Dual minimax problems.- On the type of a polynomial relative to a circle - An open problem.- On bayesian methods for seeking the extremum.- Riemannian integral of set-valued function.- Characteristics of saturation of the class of convex functions.- A new heuristic method for general mixed integer linear programs: A report on work in progress (abstract).- Closed - Loop differential games.- A programmed construction for the positional control.- An extremal control in differential games.- Some differential games with incomplete information.- Some properties of nonzero-sum multistage games.- Equilibrium situations in games with a hierarchical structure of the vector of criteria.- A class of linear differential evasion games.- Analytical study of a case of the homicidal chauffeur game problem.- An informational game problem.- The pursuit game with the information lack of the evading player.- On constructing invariant sets in linear differential games.- A non cooperative game in a distributed parameter system.

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書名 Optimization techniques : IFIP Technical Conference, Novosibirsk, July 1-7, 1974
著作者等 Akademii︠a︡ nauk SSSR
IFIP Technical Conference on Optimization Techniques
Marchuk, Gurii Ivanovich
Marchuk G.I.
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in computer science
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 1975
ページ数 viii, 507 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0387071652
NCID BA03603560
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言語 英語
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