Theory of legal science : proceedings of the Conference on Legal Theory and Philosophy of Science, Lund, Sweden, December 11-14, 1983

edited by Aleksander Peczenik, Lars Lindahl, and Bert van Roermund

Proceedings of the Conference on Legal Theory and Philosophy of Science, Lund, Sweden, December 11-14, 1983

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  • 1: Theory of Science and Theory of Law.- Synopsis.- Recent Trends in the Philosophy of Science.- Legal Dogmatics as a Scientific Paradigm.- Paradigms in Legal Dogmatics Towards a Theory of Change and Progress in Legal Science.- Pragmatic Metatheory for Legal Science.- On Making Implicit Methodologies Explicit.- 2: Ontology and Epistomology in Legal Science.- Synopsis.- Ought, Reasons, Motivation, and the Unity of the Social Sciences: The Meta-theory of the Ought-Is Problem.- Legal Data. An Essay about the Ontology of Law.- Pluralis Juris.- Changes of Paradigm in the Law.- Legal Norms: a Transformational Approach.- Epistemology and Validity in Law.- Is Law a System of Enactments?.- The Concept of "Fact" in the Physical Sciences and in Law.- 3: Objectivity and Rationality of Legal Justification.- Synopsis.- Objectivity in the Social Sciences.- Objectivity and Rationality in Lawyer's Reasoning.- Coherence in Legal Justification.- Paradigms of Justifying Legal Decisions.- Monism, Pluralism, Relativism and Right Answers in the Law.- Discovery and Justification in Science and Law.- Reasons and Causes in Connection with Judicial Decisions.- 4: Technical Rationality in the Law.- Synopsis.- Legal Rationality Among Different Types of Rationality.- Paradigms of Legal Research
  • Empirical Science and Legal Dogmatics.- Goal Reasons in Common Law Cases - Are They Predictive?.- Teleological Construction of Statutes.- Reason, Law and History.- The Rule of Law in Legal Reasoning.- 5: Some Special Topics Concerning Rationality and Legitimacy in the Law.- Synopsis.- An Ubiquitous Paralogism in Legal Thinking.- Power of Tolerance - On the Legitimacy of a Legal System.- Sir Edward Coke's Legal Conservatism.- Popper's Criterion of Refutability in the Legal Context.- 6: Criticism and Developments in Particular Areas of the Law: Property, Contracts, and Torts.- Synopsis.- Theory Choice and Contract Law.- Trends in Legal Science Relating to Contracts and Torts.- The Economics of Trade Laws.- 7: Interdisciplinary Bridges between Legal Research and Other Sciences.- Synopsis.- On Bridging the So-Called Gap Between Normative Legal Dogmatics and Empirical-Theoretical Social Science.- Towards an Interdisciplinary Theory of Law.- Legal Science and Hermeneutic Point of View.- Legal Theory and Social Science.- Integration Between Legal Research and Social Science.- 8: Analysis of Legal Norms and Juristic Propositions.- Synopsis.- Karl Olivecrona's Theory of Legal Rules as Independent Imperatives.- Norms of Competence in Scandinavian Jurisprudence.- A Tentative Analysis of Two Juristic Sentences.- 9: Logical and Preference-Theoretical Structures in the Law.- Synopsis.- Automated Analysis of Legislation.- Rights and Practical Possibilities.- Requirements, Urgency, and Worth.- The Property Right of Sweden Today - Or a Requiem over an Outdated Way of Argueing.- List of Participants.- Index of Names.

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書名 Theory of legal science : proceedings of the Conference on Legal Theory and Philosophy of Science, Lund, Sweden, December 11-14, 1983
著作者等 Conference on Legal Theory and Philosophy of Science
Lindahl, Lars
Peczenik, Aleksander
Roermund, G. van
Roermund G.C.
Lindahl L.
シリーズ名 Synthese library
出版元 Reidel;Sold and distributed in the U.S.A. and Canada by Kluwer Academic Publishers
刊行年月 c1984
ページ数 xv, 666 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027718342
NCID BA03600959
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ